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Sara Towe on panic and fear

Fear and how we react to it is ruling our lives right now. Fear affects the most vulnerable. When all you can see is the worst, you have no clear vision of the Good in anything. Fear has taken control.
I think that in today's environment fear is multiplying at an exponential rate . So why does hysteria spread so quickly?

Why are educated people who have seen such things before so unnerved? We admire survivors in all walks of life who get through events, but how do we ordinary folk find that inner strength? Where are our mighty and brave and strong? Not everyone can be hiding behind the curtains at home.

We are panicking, the Yanks have come out guns blazing (albeit after a polite pause) and perhaps they are blinded by fear and vengeance. Common sense might tell them that bombing will not make the situation better, however much it might make some feel avenged. To me, it feels that that moment when you are in a room filled with gossipers who only want to spread panic amongst us all by placing doubt and fear in our minds. They must love this anthrax scare. Where will it strike next? You, me, or them?

Have you ever had someone say something negative about you and all you have wanted to do is defend yourself? You are fearful that others will believe them over you. You begin to panic. She said, he said , they said, after a while even you begin to believe it might be true. Well panic is spread the same way. Authorities might think they are keeping us informed, but ALL the time? Do we really need three hour news programmes? How much can they say that is really meaningful or helpful? The concentration actually propagates the panic. They love the drama and special effects, 'the smell of napalm in the morning'. Yes of course the atomic power stations and California bridges are in danger, but why tell us? Just protect them, telling us just how bad the damage could be helps the enemy more than they think.

Can we control this? Yes we can. Think for yourself. Don't buy into everything they are saying. Understand what keeps you afraid keeps you in their control.

Who are they? Well the Media for one.
I guess there would be no drama in a positive news day. Fear 'sells' better.
I have three children, I wish for them to have a good and safe future. I want them to have opportunities, to have a good income and a secure home. I want them to be able to travel in safety. But it is up to us to make the environment safe for them.

It is not use staying glued to the TV and wallowing in misery. Sure we all feel New York and Washington's pain and they have to deal with lost loved ones for a lifetime, Get over lost business and livelihoods. The only way we can help these victims is for all of us to have faith in humanity and life. Are we giving them hope if all we do is send negative messages and surrender to the fear? I think not. We shall not let them win.

What can you do? Turn off the TV for a start. Or watch only cheerful or uplifting material. Reach out to your local community, make sure your family knows you care about them. Patch up old differences. Use this time to reaffirm your belief in life.
We have a choice to choose the way we wish to live. We are so incredibly lucky, we live in a free society, so start acting as if you do.

The world have gotten a little smaller this year. We all share the pain of recent events in some small way. It's time to look at what else is happening, be thankful you live in a peaceful place (assuming you do - sorry if you don't) and remember misery loves company. You have choices. To live free, make new friends, live without fear just taking sensible precautions. We have freedom, don't let fear ruin it. It is up to us, all in our minds. How se deal with the realities of life is all in our heads and in our hearts. Take control and start living fearlessly.

© Sara Towe 2001
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