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James Skinner continues his nightmare dream of a devastating 21st Century when nuclear war breaks out all over.

One decision, just one plunged the world into the abyss. On the eve of this infamous Memorial Day in September 2004, the United States government, without warning pulled out all its troops from Iraq.

Remember, that idiotic skirmish years ago? Similar to a massive airlifted Dunkirk in WWII, they evacuated, in one foul swoop every single member of the armed forces. They left all the hardware behind. Even the Jihad mob didn’t know what to make of it. Brothers, I tell you, if ever the airwaves screamed and yelled blue murder at our oldies this was the day. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers pulled the plug and said ‘screw the whole lot of you’. They then shut the gates on the rest of the world, and back home went about their business as usual. So they thought. Our once proud nation just gave up. Brothers, you can imagine the reaction. It was hell.

Immediately, Iran overran its neighbour with the help of Saudi Arabia and Syria. They also sent a strong message to Turkey to keep out. Their calling card was a nuclear threat. It worked. Brothers, think and remember many other effects. The Israelis were once again on the run, back to Europe to avoid extinction. Egypt and Jordan saw to that. The Palestinians took over. Within weeks, oil prices skyrocketed to the extent that it was was priced out of the market. European economies collapsed, Japan followed suit. Russia reverted to dictatorship and avoided a civil war. China crippled by oil shortages and sudden unemployment stopped all contact with the west. South Korea’s economy flew over the cuckoos nest thus the North didn’t even need to use is nuclear power. It was a walk through the park. However, India and Pakistan did exchange nuclear weapons, but they soon stopped. Too much devastation took place within days. Meanwhile Africa turned back to tribal warfare and those that didn’t die of Aids fled to the north only to be mowed down by the European border authorities.By chance Latin America came off best. Mexico and the Centrals buttered up to our ancestors. Venezuela struck a ‘sweet’ interim oil deal, whilst the South miraculously simmered down. The drug trade suddenly died. Yes brothers, there just wasn’t any dough to buy the stuff and Columbia’s decades old strife was over. Bin Laden, you know the legendary Arab cowboy also got the message!

Half sleepwalking, I went for a leak.

So what about the rest of civilisation that had been built over centuries? The infrastructure, the trade balances and all the economical intertwining mechanisms that held the framework together, did it completely fall apart? Listen carefully my brothers, I’ll tell you. For over fifteen years the planet was unrecognisable. Due to the oil situation, all major transportation came to a halt. Manufacturing died a natural death taking with it the stock markets. Humans died by the millions and the rest were left to their own devices the world over, as there were no governments, no companies, no schools, nothing. Law enforcement was the survival of the fittest and civilian crime just soared, everywhere.

What about the religious animosity that triggered it off at the end of the twentieth century? Here brothers, is where the miracle began to emerge from the filth. At first it was an enigma, but it soon sent our marketing pilgrims a clear message that was eventually transformed into what we can be proud of today. USA Inc. was born.

Jihad had ceased. The Islamic fundamentalists believed that they had achieved their goal. Not only had they expelled the infidels from the holiest of world areas, they humiliated, mutilated and caused them to enter the extinct Guinness Book of Records as victims of the ultimate ‘Terminator V’ campaign. Mecca was saved. Islamic law was restored, and all reverted back to a medieval way of life. The rest of the world simmered in hell. However, the true lovers of God in the Muslim world were not satisfied. The young were also becoming restless. Something was missing. Something was just not right. Over on the other side, the Israelis had dispersed in all directions. The Christians, especially the Catholics, whose new Pope after a sabbatical think tank session with his cardinals had at least tried to sort out the mess. Hindus and Buddha were still recovering from nuclear disaster and were beyond repair, at least for the time being. As for the planet itself, another miracle occurred.

Brothers, how many of you remember from your history books the Kyoto accord of the late twentieth century? I’ll tell you plain and simple. Hot air. I look at the bewilderment on your faces. Hot air, my brothers, hot air. That is what was happening to the earth at the time. Humanity in those days was pumping so many foul gases into the air that the planet was cooking like a Sunday roast. Everything related to our consumer world of late burned that black muck called oil and converted it into a deadly murderer of everything growing on the planet. God bless you all as you have no idea of how lucky your are today. Although they tried, oh brothers, they tried to stop it, our own people just would not let go of their valuable oil burners. But now, just look around you, no more human pollution causing environmental disasters. Clean air everywhere and why? Because I scream again, a miracle happened. Just under one hundred years ago half the world was blown to smithereens and today, well, believe me my brothers, and to use an old phrase, it’s the gospel truth. It was time to start again.

© James Skinner. November 2003.

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