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Bar Stories
by Nadir

by David Rutherford

Trade was brisk, the bar was heaving, the music pumping, but through this
melee I caught her gaze. Although our eyes met for only the briefest of
moments, it was enough. I held my breath as she left her table and made a
beeline for me, stood dumbstruck as the mass of legs and blonde hair
strode purposefully toward me.
Offering me her outstretched hand she greeted me in an unmistakably Nordic
accent, "Hi I'm Karin, what's your name"?
"Me, I'm David", my reply was not quite as cool or as confident as I'd
imagined it would be. In a room full of beautiful women she was to my eyes
the most beautiful, but there again as I looked around there was a woman
to suit everyman here.
"So would you like me to get naked for you"?
The simplicity of her question caught me totally off-guard, "why not" was
the best answer I could muster, accompanied by the what felt like the
dumbest of grins.
There was something thrilling about this scenario, not least because it
was going just as I imagined it would, wow this really was going to
happen, some georgeous woman was going to get totally naked just for my
pleasure. Then the reality of the moment struck a beautiful dream turned
sour. Don't get me wrong she danced well, had a fantastic figure but the
moment she began her routine you could see light in her eyes extinguish.
The moment she stopped the lights came back on, where she went for those
two or three minutes, I'll never know but one thing is certain it was a
long, long way from that room.
She was making money, I was the dumbassed sucker paying it over but seeing
those blue, blue eyes fade to grey told me I'd never be doing it again.
In a funny way it was the right setting for a stag night, the right place
to see a good friend off to married life. It was meant to be a marker for
what he was giving up but in fact it was quite the opposite, it was more a
reminder of what he had found - Funny old world.

© David Rutherford
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