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Lost Innocence

Lost Innocence

Scorpio Lovers
by David Rutherford

“You’re a Scorpio aren’t you?” she said confidently.
I nodded knowing that words would only betray my irritation at her entirely
correct assumption. Emotions in check I asked, “how did you know?” curious as to what had so obviously betrayed my birth sign.“
"Your eyes, Scorpio’s always have really piercing eyes” she replied.

I have been irked by this knack of knowing star signs before it was at another party when someone casually asked me “So what star sign are you?”
“Guess” I replied wanting to see her get herself out of that one.
“Scorpio” she instantly replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
"Easy Scorpio’s always like you to guess” she replied and that was that.
What irritates me most is that I hold no particular stall with astrology but those who do seem to be able to identify and categorise you at will. I find it almost inconceivable that the month of your birth can in some way dictate your personality or certain physical traits and yet the more I look in to the subject the more I am want to believe. Scorpio’s apparently accentuate the negative, which I guess rings true as I can always find half-a-dozen reasons not to do something before I can find one to actually do something.

Scorpio’s are also apparently quite testy, unforgiving and prone to being vindictive, which leads to a happy mix and makes me wonder how many members of the Mafia share my star sign?

Although on the plus side I am pleased to discover that Scorpio’s are deemed to be the most sexually adept and adventurous – I always wondered which side of the family that came from now I know it was a gift of birth! I had no idea that this talent could be backed up as a truth – henceforth when asked my star sign I will smugly say “ Me, oh I’m a Scorpio”. To be delivered in such a way as to assure the questioner that should horizontal folk-dancing be on her mind then she had just struck gold, as the person before her was one of those 1 in 12 that could by dint of birth offer a dynamite experience between the sheets!

Perhaps in a funny way I have discovered the allure of Astrology & horoscopes – they allow us to pick the bits we like and dismiss the rest. Most of us dismiss a bad horoscope as hocus-pocus but want to be belivers when we get a good reading. I find this interesting because this is almost the complete opposite how most of us treat religion – when life is going well we gratefully accept it and it is only when things are going badly that we turn to our God and ask why he has forsaken us. It is an interesting contradiction that many of us are guilty of making. Is luck good or bad pre-destined or perhaps because God wills it or not or is it all down to the choices we make?

I don’t believe that life is pre-destined (beyond a predilection of genetic make up, which makes us more susceptible to certain things) but I am aware that some things that influence my decision-making are outside of my control - deaths / job losses /
illness and other things. Some take the view – no doubt in an attempt to bring reason where there is none – that those things outside of our freewill are markers in the road that lead us down paths we might not otherwise choose and are therefore indicators that a certain route was pre-destined. But surely these things simply happen because they happen rather than for some other more mystical purpose.

Religion is often described as a leap of faith, you either choose to believe or not, much the same case could be made for astrology and horoscopes. I am unsure as to what is more frightening, whether to believe in such things or not, what is certain is
that neither path is easy to walk and perhaps it is only this uncertainty that gives us freewill. The certain knowledge that God existed or not would surely lead to far more repressive societies, either we would fear to do anything outside of God’s teachings or live in fear of what we would do to each other without a moral environment in which to live.


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