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Micheal Levy takes to the waters

I have often found that the funniest experiences come to us in life by just observing our fellow humans and being aware of our surroundings. Recently I was sat on the open decks outside the buffet cafe on board a cruise ship. I watched as folks made their way from the swimming pool area and into the cafe at the rear of the ship. It was a pathway with tables on one side and a wall on the other so the path was not to wide and about sixty foot long.

All types, shapes and sizes walked down the pathway to the food court. One lady waggled down and looked like a giant Super Nova waiting to explode. Four hundred pounds of sheer appetite just eager to gobble up the next few platefuls of food. I read her thoughts as she passed by.

‘My appetite is my Shepherd I shall not want,
Lead me into the path of temptation,
My belly flopeth over my knees,
Yay though I walk through the valley of enticement I will not weaken.
My taste buds are my rod, meat and cream cakes comforts me,
I dig my grave with my teeth, yet I shall fear no weight gain,
Afterwards I will snooze all afternoon and be ready for the onslaught of dinner and midnight buffets with a few snacks in between’.

She was followed by one of the dancers on board who was rushing to eat her yogurt and three Lettuce leaves before her next rehearsal. Isn't it amazing how the image of a human body can change shape so dramatically in a few seconds. We are what we think and take shape with what we eat. If we can control our thoughts, we can control our shape. No fad diet can work for long.
There are no quick fixes. There is no substituting universal truths for ego's truths.

Next came a couple of guys smoking cigars talking about the stock market as they passed by. They were most upset that they were asked to put out their cigars before they entered the cafe. They insulted the head waiter and went back to the pool area where they were serving hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. Maybe we should bring smoking back into cafes, for is it not unfair that folks can't smoke in restaurants and inflict their poison on others?

I sat there for quite a while watching all the different people amble by and they all had one thing in common. Non were smiling, they all had very serious looks on their faces. The only happy smiling faces I could see was those of the staff. The busboys and girls were very busy clearing the tables and they were the happiest. Joking and trying to make the passengers feel happy. Most folks were locked in thoughts of passed memories and the fact they were on a beautiful sailing resort did not mean anything. They could have been back at work, or in a snow storm. Locked in a dungeon of doom and gloom. The looks on the faces were grim and miserable. My oh my, why do people continue to live with negative minds? Could it be we become addicted to worry? An addiction is something we hate but can't get enough of.

There is a way through the maze of ignorance and into the light but most folks will not take that enchanting journey. Many call it mumbo jumbo and continue to live in a tormented mind. Amazing what a curse and bully the ego can be. Once we plant seeds of worry in our minds, we will grow weeds of depression. The only way to rid our mind of destructive thoughts is to detach them from our brain. Dig them out. If we take pills or any other short-term measures to rid them, we are only cutting the stems off. The root cause of worry is still there. We need to spray our minds with Universal love & Joy and the weeds of disquiet will dissolve away and be replaced with a beautiful bouquet of flowering delights. These taste and feel real good and do not put on weight.

Just as I was about to leave, a very feeble old man came struggling down the thoroughfare, walking with a cane. He looked like a very old version of Mr. Grace from Are you being Served
( an old British sit com). He look as though he was one hundred and twenty years old. I found out later he was only' ninety-one. His mouth was wide open all the time. He reminded me of the bodies they dug up in Pompeii. He was very frail and every step seemed like his last. When he finally made it to the doors of the cafe he poked his head inside and a look of bewilderment came over him. He turned round and started to walk back towards the swimming pool. After a couple minutes he made the sixty foot walk back. Another look of amazement came over him. He stood there for a few moments gazing around contemplating his surroundings. He then turned round and started to make his way back to the cafe.
By this time everyone was looking at him.
He leisurely made his way mouth wide open, legs bowed, as thin as two sticks. Once he got to the cafe the doors opened again and again there was a look of wonderment on his face. He turned round and started to make his way back. As he passed my table I was just about to ask if I could help him, when one of the waitresses came up to him and inquired ‘ can I help you sir’?
He stopped looked up at her and asked; "Which way is it to the Gymnasium?"
Yes, I know it may not seem real but it really did happen.

© Michael Levy 2001

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