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Lisa Scott

Lying - Come on you've all done it, but do you ever stop to think about it?
I'm one of the lucky people, fluent in lying and I can easily make up excuses, however some people can't lie very well. Lies can hurt, you spread a rumour, it gets too big- WHAM- hurt feelings.
However lying can be good, say someone is depressed, you cheer them up, say they're really pretty but you actuallly think they're ugly,they'll probably be a bit happier. Telling the truth isn't easy, if you know you'll get into trouble then 9 out of 10 times you'll probably lie (if your like me!)
O.K, Thats covered you lying, but what about being lied to?

It can be really annoying if someone lies to you and you know they're lying.
It's even worse if you don't know they're lying, you could get hurt, humiliated or maybe even scammed. I'm not sure what I agree with, maybe sometimes a tiny lie is better, maybe not.

A few further thoughts on lying

1: All adults say "Tell the Truth and you wont get into trouble,"
Well Lie and you'll get your worst enemy into trouble.
2: When in doubt Lie Your Way Out of it.
3: Any idiot can tell the truth, it takes intelligence to lie.
4: Government ministers are some of the richest people in the country (despite earning less than businessmen) and all they do is 'spin' which in my dictionary means 'distorting the truth' in other words LYING. It must pay well.
5: Lying uses imagination and will help your story writing skills
6: Do you really think that lawyers get paid millions for telling the truth?
7: If lying didn't exist how would we explain why we didn't do our homework?
8: (For adults) If lying didn't exist do you think you'd be able to get in to work late and STILL get a rise!

© Lisa Scott 2001 - our schoolyard correspondent

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