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EDITORIAL October 30th 2001

If there is a right way and a wrong way, then it's evens we choose the wrong way.
It's a rule. Don't ask me who makes it, but it's true. From relationships, to choices for courses or careers to battle-zones and friends and enemies.

As I write this the 'peace momentum' is gathering pace throughout the world. Everyone is getting in their pennyworth and deploring USA action in Afghanistan - just as they have actually began to tackle the Taliban. It's hard to put yourself in President Bush's place. He had to act, then when he acted, he has to make a choice between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, knowing that both are just as terrible as each other and for every day this goes on Pakistan might implode and religious fanatics will deliver nuclear weapons to Taliban sympathisers. You try going to bed each night wondering if you have made the right decision.

Fear and panic stalk the USA over Anthrax and yes, it is worth reflecting on the poor unfortunate postal workers who find themselves in the homefront frontline. It isn't nice and real people, utterly innocent people are dying. Now I am not advocating any conspiracy theories here, but when you see that some 29 abortion clinics were targeted with anthrax letters you have to wonder who really is behind this white powder attack. The targets: Senators, Congressmen, News media personalities, could all be the same targets that the anti-abortion people send death threats to. Is there a link? Could this Anthrax scare be linked to extreme far right Christian terrorists - wholly American exploiting the situation. I'd hate to think it is so, but something isn't right about it. We shall no doubt find out. What will American reaction be if this turns out to be true? Somehow it is just to easy to think iraq is behind it. Why now? Why risk getting creamed by American forces that are now right next door once again. What I'd like to see is some lateral thinking here. Someone is doing it and there are crazy people out there in America's heartland. Or did we forget Waco already?

Meanwhile in the glacial politics that is Northern Ireland, it's good news to hear that the IRA have finally made a decision to abandon the armed struggle and continue only in the political sphere. Let's hope that the Protestant loyalists will do the same. It would be good to know that the true message of Sept 11th in the USA is that terrorism has no place in our civilised world - let alone so close to home. Northern Ireland is in nightly turmoil with Catholic and Protestant neighbours throwing petrol bombs at each other. It's absurd, yet utterly deadly and completely stupid. But in the end, they must be first to lower the stones and bombs and walk away.

It's easy to say that almost all the conflicts in the world at the moment are over religion. It is harder to find a solution that would make people 'love thy neighbour'. Israel in particular needs to remember this, but it seems they are intent upon on destroying Palestine. This does not augur well for world peace. It is also problematic that India and Pakistan seem to be becoming more agressive toward each other at this time.

Doomsayers enjoy these times. Things might get worse, more will die (witness those dead in a Swiss tunnel ), recessions will take hold, but perhaps now is the time to reflect upon history. These things too will pass. We will continue. Now is the time to get things in proportion, for those who would counsel peace, to redouble their efforts and don't forget the continuing crimes of Robert Mugabe.

We are all here for a purpose - one would like to believe. To make the best of our lives, to try and leave things better than they were, to find solutions to problems. This is our philosophy.
It would be nice to think more people would adopt this.

This week we welcome new work from Nick Millman who is on a journey around the world. he begins with reflections in Washington DC. James Campion who has his own website where you can sound off about big issues or small ones, and David Rutherford has returned from Rotterdam and writes us a very provocative piece on Socially Responsible Investing. Something that we should all be thinking about.

On a personal note, If ANYONE succeeded in buying my book Diamonds let me know - I suspect my publishers have disappeared - no unusual thing in my life. Congratulations to ex Hackwriter editor Oliver Moor on the success of his wedding to Maria, whose wedding was a lovely affair at the Commonwealth House on Friday in London.

Feeling guilty about the bombing?
Don't march, make contributions to the people who are suffering.
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They need to know you care. £25 could help feed two people for the winter.
You can help by going to

Welcome to our first Nigerian writer Andrew Abulu with his predictions for the future. He has promised to write more. Good to get new copy from Zia Zaman, Sharon Leach and Tabytha Towe and from ex-editor George Olden

We are looking for new writers at this time. This is the place to hone your writing skills, show your friends what you can do and say. (We do reserve the right to edit and reject unreasonable and objectional material).

Sam North - Managing Editor - author of Diamonds

© Carine Thomas - Publisher - A Brighter Image Company


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