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Opening 28th March 28th
Fifth Avenue Cinema Vancouver
Flower and Garnet

Director: Keith Behrman
Writer: Keith Behrman
Producer: Trish Dolman
Cinematographer: Steve Cosens
Editor: Michael John Bateman
Music: Peter Allen
Cast: Callum Keith Rennie, Jane McGregor, Colin Roberts, Dov Tiefenbach, Kirsten Thomson
Screen Siren pictures

Finally a Canadian movie that is not only beautifully shot, but intelligent, subtle and keenly observed.
It is written and directed by Keith Behrman in his first feature (after making around 3 shorts and some music videos following graduating from the Fine Arts programme at SFU).
Flower and Garnet is intensely human, the emotions pitched just right and the performances genuine.

It tells the story of a boy born on the day his mother dies in childbirth. The grief in the family - particularly of the father, leaves no room for love for the new child, Garnet.
Set in the remote but beautiful BC town of Ashcroft, the people seem isolated but well knit and supportive. Garnet is loved by his sister Flower, but both of them are affected by the inability of their father (Callum Keith Rennie) to forget their mother and communicate with them. Garnet appears to grow up alone with no friends. He is a curious, melancholic child and things don't get better when his father gives him an airgun for his birthday. Garnet is keenly aware that he isn't loved must amuse himself. Often seen through the child's eyes the film is poetic in style.
This is filmmaking at it finest. Thoroghly engaging, sad, but ultimately rewarding, the writer /director Keith Behrman is a man to watch out for.

The performance of ten year old Colin Roberts (Garnet), is extraordinary. His sister, played sensitively by Jane McGregor (Previously seen in 'Slap her she's French' is at once a pleasure to watch and comforting. She exudes warmth. Callum Keith Rennie's (Momento) self-isolation is acutely played.
Peter Allen's music weaves each scene seamlessly together, Steven Cosens cinematography captures the raw stark beauty of BC. Yes it is a four-hanky movie, but if there is one film that deserves to break out and find an audience it is Flower & Garnet.
If you read this in Vancouver go see it now.

© Sam North March 2003

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