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September Issue

Pat Conway

The wicked Fearwitch whisked in Halloween early this year. With a hustle and a bustle and brainless BinLaden muscle, she butchered innocent people and terrorized their nation. September 11 became her Hallow’s Eve debut through the efforts of her favorite goblin, BinLaden, and his suicidal crew. She continued her trick or treat adventures with veiled “the boogey man will get you” threats, poisoned potions, and “Humpty Dumpty will fall” predictions aimed by her barbaric mindless minions at a great nation. However, Fearwitch will eventually fail to frighten America, because she underestimates the indomitable spirit of its freedom-loving people.

Fearwitch has struck before with notorious nasties such as Adolph and his “chosen few” and Benito, the dictatorial shrew, but she has failed to defeat the American spirit. Today, she has a new goblin with his maniacal ghouls, who celebrate death because they are too insane to embrace life. They are cowardly predators who hide in society’s shadows and plot evil. Their Halloween costume is anonymity – orderly appearance disguising their deranged minds, bright eyes and bashful smiles concealing their delusional hatred, polite manners luring their prey into a false sense of security. Their tricks are suicidal rage, psychological intimidation, and poisonous biological attacks, and their treat is the terror of their victims.

On the other hand, freedom lovers create rather than destroy. They do not need to lurk in shadows like terrorist ghouls, because their ideals are noble, and as such, become more inspirational when exposed to reason’s light. Americans seek triumph for the individual and progress for society. Their motives are humanitarian influenced by their ethical code to love themselves and others and to behave accordingly. Their costumes vary but their values do not. Some wear singed clothes stained by rescuing victims from the carnage of a monster’s hatred. Others dress formally and bravely reassure their frightened constituents that all will be well. Most are nondescript, except for their concerned expressions – a mother’s loving smile, a father’s courageous eyes, a cleric’s welcoming arms. They have no tricks, because they are neither devious nor deranged. However, they do have treats – peace and happiness for all.

Certainly, Fearwitch and her shadow creatures will eventually fail, because Americans celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom-lovers are so busy living, caring, and growing that they have little time to fear death. Rather they contemplate their own mortality as a means to enrich life by highlighting the importance of every precious moment. Therefore, they channel their energy to pursue values, which truly matter, such as love, honor, and compassion.

© Patricia Conway October 2001


This Halloween - will you let your children out? Will the neighborhood wacko try to scare your kids with 'white power substances'. What is your view? The fear is real.

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