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Tabytha Towe on the trials of life and making all the right moves

So you want me to write about climbing that mountain of expectations and intentions for achievement in life? Wow! I don't know about this. I mean, I have different ones everyday and they range simply from either refraining from partying one night and doing something constructive or perhaps even planning my ideal future career and husband in a little place called La-La Land.

However, I do have standards for myself; they're hardly practical, the way I'm going about trying to accomplish them, that and the other thing. Quite frankly I'm being honest here ,but obviously not too serious.

As far as I can picture (and trust me I have a pretty wild imagination) right now all I plan to do and want to do within the next two - give or take - three years is work a few jobs here and there that aren't necessarily anything fancy. I hope to save up enough to be able to take a few more courses, then travel for awhile, and between times dating a cute musician somewhere wouldn't hurt I suppose.

I plan to register next semester for a variety courses such as psychology. Learning to manipulate someone's intellect or what have you rather appeals to me. I’d like to take human relations, (which I figure will compliment my manipulation skills), journalism, (so I can learn how to write without using run on sentences and tourism, (definitely beneficial since I plan to travel). Last, but not least, a bartending course, because there is money in the liquor business and I can work in any country as long as I'm a qualified bartender. (I just have to wait untill I'm of legal age!) Oh yes,and of course I still would like to continue with some acting lessons throughout. This is wishful thinking. It's my therapy in a way. You see, I'm in this situation where I can't really do anything big nor special yet, I am not only 18 years old, but underpaid, therefore I am broke. I cannot even afford to go to school, let alone pay the fucking gas money every week, and hence,I'm also not properly certified enough to even think about a serious long term career until I have all these courses under my belt,. That won't happen till I have more money, and that won't happen until I have a greater job, but that won't happen either unless I go to school!! It's a never ending hopeless cycle that keeps going around and it doesn't seem to turn up anywhere anywise. It’s tough being a Canadian, suburban-wasted youth, I tell ya!

I have actually put a few plans into action. I just signed up for two courses next semester,"psychology" and "conflict/resolution". I'm really excited about going back to school for once. I've also got my foot in the door to a modelling agency ,which may turn into something pretty promising. Still waiting on word, although my chances are considerably high. Apparently I have a unique look.

As for financial stability right now I'm coping quite smoothly, perhaps because I haven't gone out partying every night for the past,…. oh, week!? I've also complained enough to my managers to get a couple more shifts on my plate. It's a little bit of an 'iffy' situation, seeing as the one manager in charge of making the schedules isn't too fond of me (for some odd reason.)
However,the head manager absolutely adores me and so it works out in my favour in the long run. He insists that I get more hours as well. I believe I will stay working at the restaurant for many a more seasons. Still loving work, must be a good thing.

Ahh yes,it's ironic how earlier I mentioned in my much desired list of things I hope to do,that I wouldn't mind having a cute musician somewhere along the lines... So it seems that those lines are somewhere right in front of my face - right now! The "date a cute musician" quote was only supposed to be a figure of speech humouring myself. How very typical indeed,that the moment I'm not looking for anyone someone just pops up out of nowhere and decides to catch my eye. I have decided that this guy is my new eye candy,I could stare at him all day and he sill looks sweet. My late object for eye candy was actually chocolate, but I cannot avoid looking at this current appealing creature.

OOOh this is completely against all my being-single-for-a-while- and I-don't-need-any-more-men-in-my-life-rules and the whole bit, but I think I'd be able to compromise with my rules with this one. One of my greater characteristics: I'm flexible, one of my lesser characteristics: I'm too flexible for my own good. Such a contradictatory predicament that I once again manage to put myself into, just to shake things up a little of course.

Speaking of shaking things up, I agreed to meet with an ex-boyfriend today. Where does my brain wonder to sometimes I just don't know? Flexibility is a bitch!

So you Hackreaders out there of what you would like to hear about next from me in Vancouver : political views? sexual controversy? The world as we know it? Anything goes.
PS If you read me, write to me let me know what you think...
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