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Barry Mitchell - September 20th 2001

'Ya think maybe someone can teach Bush how to read? Very embarrassing last night.'

Guess it puts it all into perspective. Life. Very fleeting. And obviously nothing is indestructible. Still numb, in shock, nautious, no appetite, lying motionless, like losing a loved one. Actually finding it difficult to get out of my chair, feel like a paraplegic. Such a tragedy, waiting for Spielberg to say "Cut". Can't be real. Can it? How could this happen, here?

Don't we have the most up to date sophisticated technology and intelligence in the world? Aren't we always supposed to be prepared, on alert, ready for the worst catastrophic occurrence? Don't they have metal detectors in Boston? New York. Washington. Who's next on the hit list?

Unfortunately, have to admit, love the split screen coverage, can't stop cable or the net. Looks like they could fit about 14 more cities into the matrix, god forbid. Has to be over at this point. Doesn't it? No flights throughout the entire nation? Can't even make a long distance phone call. States, agencies, businesses shutting down left and right. Thank god it's not snowing out today. Am I the only guy that wants to suit up? Don't know if I could pass the physical. Would it really matter? Think they'll take anyone for this one. WWIII? See they're celebrating in the streets of the Middle East. Was very successful, give 'em that much.

Still mad at Bush. 10 years ago when we had Saddam Hussein right where we wanted him. Felt at the time, still do, would have deterred terrorism four fold. Couldn't we have knocked them all out? Made the whole place USA East. Paging Norman Schwartzkopf...

At least we forgot about the stock market for a day. Economy doesn't seem to matter much today. Just the most horrific tragedy ever, at least in my 43 years. Bigger than Kennedy, King, Kennedy, Challenger, Oklahoma City, and a slew of others. Hopefully we'll learn something from this mistake. God knows what. Reminds me of the guy who sees his brother die from lung cancer as he continues to smoke on his butt at the funeral, craving the nicotine fix. Do we really ever learn?

Guess we'll see who the real leaders are today and the ones who'll run and hide. Bush, Powell, Cheney. Where's Reagan when ya need him. Good time for Condit to stand on the White House lawn with the troops. Chandra who?

On that note..."footflush" Ya think maybe someone can teach Bush how to read? Very embarrassing last night. Totally uninspirational to say the least. Definitely wasn't a date in infamy speech friends. Reagan would have done better with Alzheimer's.

Just heard King Abdullah from Jordan speak on ABC and found him to be quite intelligent, eloquent, friendly, with an English or Irish accent. Can he be President? Sure reports are still sketchy, new information minute by minute basis, can't get enough of the media coverage. Commercial free all news television, broadcast, cable, digital. Imagine that. PBS may I help you?

Everyone starting to come out of their stupor,their shells, actually saying "Hi" to people on the street like it's 1941 again. Anger and determination starting to set into the rank and file.

But seriously, can the man read? Stammering over words, sentences. Does he need new glasses or contacts? The world watching and it's like, is that it George? We obviously need strength at this time. A John Wayne (who?) type father figure that will tell us to persevere and we shall take on the enemy and prevail. Maybe I do live in Hollywood. Only guy that came to the plate in my book was Biden. He seemed cool, calm, collected, committed to the job at hand. That everything was under control, back to order, business as usual. We were all safe and sound and ready to move into high gear. All's I'm sayin' is, Clinton could read quite well and inspire like his friends Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter. Ford might be pushin' it. But I think Gerry could at least put two sentences together, albeit not the greatest walker. Bang my leg and stub my toes all the time.

Guess to quote Georgie 'you too can be President with a "C" average'. Probably getting like A's in Science, Math, and History and maybe in English pulling an... On that note.

© Barry Mitchell 2001

Barry is a hack regular with his forthright views on the state of USA today. The examination of US Intelligence now begins.As Time Magazine's McAllister states Spetember 20th: 'How could thousands of spooks who supposedly had Osama bin Laden in their cross hairs for a decade miss every single moving part?' Ed.

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