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A Question Of An Idealistic Source Of Power
Marcus Destorm

When I was 12 years old and being the teenager that I was back then, one the most vivid visions popped into my head, one which would follow me (probably for the rest of my life) until at last it was correctly written/drawn out and on visual display.

My step-father was a Plumber/Solar Heating Engineer, which gave me the perfect opportunity and excuse to converse with him over what I would need and where to get advice for the project. But, as my thoughts were spoken aloud, and given the age that I was, he simply told me that the idea I had would need to be left to the people and professionals from that area.

I gave my project idea a name, so that it would personalise us both and help continue the great input of ideas that could someday bring the small scale thought to the large scale reality and so onto the world market. Back then there was a lot of famine and droughts in countries that were less well off than our Great Britain, and people were starting to rise up and defend those in poverty, the ones under dictatorship rule and those that had no voice to call out for help from their own governments.
The project idea was unfortunately discarded for about six years, then I came across it again when I got my own place to live, a small one bedroomed flat in the Swarcliffe area of Leeds, West Yorkshire. It was now that I set about finding out the information that I needed so as to get it up and running, or to find an interrested company at least who would provide the finances. For the idea to be real, it had to be Patented, as all ideas and inventions have to be. So, I approached the ITE [International Technology Echange] who base themselves in Southern Ireland (You've seen the advert: The lightbulb and question - Who was first to invent the lightbulb?), who sent me by return post a contract to sign. Of course, the £3,800 pounds for the patent rights was a little more than I had thought and in my situation of unempoyment, of course I couldn't afford it.

My vivid thought of a cheap and resourceful power source for any country, any coastline, any river and/or any canal had made it to the patent office, but it was there that it stayed. Even now I am unable to pay for its patent, though I believe that there was a reason for this major snag to hit me!
I named my idea/project 'The Aqua-Tech Wall', because its function was to stop errosion of the coastlines that the sea chews away from the UK, while gathering, storing and distributing hydro-electricity and leading it directly into the Nation Power Grid to give cheaper, affordable electricity. While in other countries the project would provide fresh clean water, power and eventually stability to the economy. Because with electricity Commercial buildings can be build, power plants constructed and jobs created.

From an idea that was just a basic skeletal steel frame with mini-turbines, wave breakers that would stop the fierce inward tide and the ability to create natural electricity, my idea had become advanced in a way that I would have never believed impossible. The sadness isn't that I couldn't sell the idea, but that of the consequences in which the undeveloped product has not prevented. You see the 'Aqua-Tech Wall' was a multi-functional defence system that had a priority, a secondary and third objective. It was to be a guard against oil spills.

If its main frame would have been erected around the Spanish coastline, the oil may never have made it to the land, or killed the vast amount of wild life that use that part of the ocean as their home.
Question: What would I advise anyone to do if they ever had a vivid vision like mine?
Answer: Take the time to reach that goal in which you can make it real and finally productive, pretective and useful to people other than your own culture.
© Marcus De Storm March 2003

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