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On taking a sudden break

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Jordan 2020
Tabytha Towe's pre-Covid travels

This is the final entry to the travels I did just before Covid 19 struck. So here goes my pretty intense five days in this wondrous Middle Eastern country

Best of Taipei by Metro in 5 days
Gisele Ribeiro

Taiwan is a great option to get exposed to Chinese traditional culture without too many bureaucratic restrictions. It is also a valuable gate to Asia as well.

Respect Act
Respect for Marriage Act

James Campion 12.3.22

& The Consequence of Chucking Civil Rights on a Lark
- At the very least, the law will act as an important bulwark against the radical right-wing fascist current CourtGen Z
The Gen Z Wave & The Future of National Politics

James Campion 12.1.22
Midterm Turnout of Young Voters Shifts Balance of Power
- Nearly 80-percent of Gen Z wants the government to not control their bodies.

Women's Rights
Women's Reproductive Rights Wins!
James Campion
Democratic Midterm Upsets Resets the National Voice

Improve Your Freelance Efficiency and Productivity With These 5 Work-From-Home Tips
Indiana Lee 11.8.22
Making Progress as a Freelance Writer

In Memory of my wife Beverly
Martin Green 12.3.22

REVIEWS Film & Books
Book of Ashes
A New Investigation Begins ...
Sam Hawkmoor
- A murder at Christmas - The 2nd Delaney and Asha mystery following ‘We Feel Your Pain’.
The Sad Bauble
Steve Dubowski

Christmas Day came late to the Timmins household that year. Mr Timmins was working away overseas until Christmas Eve and nobody felt “Christmassy” until they were all together
card player
Hard Count

T.R. Healy 11.8.22
Win or Lose - the cards tell the story

Events of the Day
Martin Green
The alarm rang. 6:45. Arnold Gray reached over and turned it off. His wife Mary stirred slightly but remained asleep. How many days since they’d done it now? 23 and counting.

Just read 'The Last Hunt' by Deon Meyer. Gripping thriller set in South Africa and France that will give you insight into what 'State Capture' really means ...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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