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sunrise in BC
a dangerous month

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Israel Ruins
Israel - Life in a time before the virus
- Tabytha Towe

I was astonished at every crevice and intricate detail built. Masada at dawn is an extraordinary place to visit...
Kyrg Women
Kyrg Republic, a wonderful contradiction in terms. Part #1
Bradley J. Thornton
- a wonderful hidden jewel in Central Asia. 8.1.20
One Bus Short of a Nightmare
Erik Van Bommel in Florence

Up to one's neck in tourists in Italy.
Cape Breton Island
Eric D Lehman
Our first night on the peninsula had been a disaster, a tremendous summer storm forcing us out of the woods, only to find that every single motel along the Trans-Canada Highway had been booked solid

Trump+ Putin
Trump & Russia - The Last Chapter

James Campion
The weird, bizarre and dangerous history between the current president of the United States and Russia, specifically its tyrannical president Vladimir Putin, took another odd turn this week ...

Trump Police State
James Campion 7.24.20
The Final Vestige of a Fascist Game Show Host President

Donald Trump is doomed, and he knows it, and he is aiming to spend these last months of his repellent presidency to take us down with him. He has shredded the constitution, flouted the rule of law, lied about everything possible ...
Autoethnography of Silence
Brian R Wood
I was the most silent in class making others uncomfortable

Build Your Own Ray Gun
Brian Runciman
On building the personal hand-held integrated light actuated neon defence
energy rifle
Time Management
Time Management Skills for Writers
Indiana Lee
Writing consists of many things. It’s a way to record personal thoughts, communicate with the world, make a living, voice opinions, report facts — but above all, writing is a lifestyle.
Memories of my mother & Mexico - Tyrel Nelson in Chicueyaco 8.1.20
The humidity hangs onto me like a hiking pack while slogging up and down the wooded slopes.
The Jaffa Cake Diet

Jim Johnson
I feel like a complete hypocrite and slightly embarrassed too. My sin? I’ve recently started to think about my calorific intake.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Grandad’s Chocolate
Edmund Sandoval
Grandad’s been hoarding the chocolate bars again because granddad’s crazy and he thinks his Vietnamese girlfriend is still alive.
Love on Triplicane High Road
Colin Todhunter

I found women with love in their eyes, and women with flowers in their hair, but not both together.
Sam North

You can't hide your habit ...
Reporting for Duty

Sam Hawksmoor

Kruge stood looking at the formidable gates and a peeling sign. Bluette Resource and Recycle Management. Ring twice for the Keeper.
Swimming Towards Marriage
Martin Green

You’re hiding something.  Don’t forget, you’re not getting any younger.  

Currently reading 'A Boy and his dog at the end of the world'
by C.A. Fletcher - a post-apocalypse story. Gripping story of a boy relentlessly hunting down the man who stole his dog. Terrific stuff

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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