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A weekend in Helsinki
Aurelie Montfrond
I was taken aback by its calm serenity. There was something beautiful about all of this.
Sam North

I am not sure whether you go to Venice for the history or romance, but we all have reasons to go there and go there one must.
The Other Baños
Tyrel Nelson

We finally pulled into a small, dusty lot in front of a giant, light-blue church, which sat atop a small hill a few miles southwest of Cuenca.
Round Trip to Hel
Anita Sheard

I can honestly and truly say that I have been to Hel, and back.

Trump & Barr
William Barr's Criminal Syndicate

James Campion 7.1.20
The Systemic Anarchy of The Final Days of Trump
- In the past year, Barr has flouted the very foundation of law because in the certain circles Barr and Trump are the law.
The Untouchable Triumvirate
James Campion 6.19.20
Military, Religion, Police - as a democratic premise it is horrifying that these three institutions have been mostly above oversight or even simply questioning
Things that I think about when I water the hydrangeas.
Is sudden retirement about to happen to you?

Reading New York
Matt Allison
A couple of months ago after years of knowing of this historical novel, I had Naked Lunch in my backpack. Waiting for a subway in Queens I opened this novel and read the first few pages...

Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday
Gabriela Davies
Life is too short to work a full year with no holiday, and sick days just don’t do the trick.
Happiness Manifesto
Julia Reynolds
Today I spent a sunny morning doing a bit of housework, picking flowers from the garden to brighten up the house, then walking down to Parangha Beach, Mykonos, Greece for a chilly swim and a little time to myself for reflection.

REVIEWS Film & Books
I am Not a Hero

Damilola Omotoyinbo
When I was younger, all I knew about my aunt - Dad’s sister; her coconut smelling perfume, her throaty laughter
A Leg to Die For
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
My grandfather took his leg to Lalla Fatima and she invoked the spirit and did all she could do to heal his leg

Red Eye
John M Edwards
Back in the days when I ate TV dinners in a partially flooded basement, watching, “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”...
The Blackout of '03
John Richmond

First rescue the chilled Vodka then figure out what happened... 
Going Viral
Get out -
the virus is in the damn school...
Remembering Elaine
Martin Green

Next morning a stunning girl who was in my lit class stopped me on the way out and asked, “Are you the one who hit somebody at a party yesterday?”

History in Cinema:
Downfall vs Kingdom of Heaven -
Reality and entertainment in history
El Branden Brazil

dog dinner
Time To Eat The Dog?
The real guide to sustainable living by Robert and Brenda Vale,
Charlie Dickinson review
If everyone on Earth shared equally the lifestyle enjoyed in North America, then five planet Earths would be needed. Obviously, an unattainable proposition.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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