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Roma traffic
First Impressions of Rome

Makenna Kaminski 2.19.24

Look! Confused, American female right here! ....
Eleanor Ross

Lonely Planet’s ‘Thousand Things to do Before You Die’ book cites Durham as a top destination for visitors to Britain.
Available now to download
Our Forgotten Children

Mike Johnson
How Congress & Politics Should Work
James Campion
A Simple Primer for the Uninitiated
- If they want to pass the border bill – supported by sane conservatives and border security, et al – then all they have to do is make congress work as it is intended

Nikki Haley & The Last Dying Republican Party Stand
James Campion
Haley hangs in there, for now, trying to be a right-wing alternative to this mayhem, but she is an anathema to the Party.

4 Ways to Be Mindful in a High-Paced Career
Indiana Lee

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress.

The Zombies Didn't Get Me

(And Neither Did the Brits)
Lev Raphael
"Is everyone okay?  What about the zombies?"
Falling Apples
The Rotten Apple Wars
Jessica Davis
The Consequences of Gravity
When my Grandparents built their house, the first thing they did was plant an apple tree.

What Happened to the Republican Border Bill?
James Campion
Republicans Killed It
- It is difficult to fathom goofier ass-over-teakettle legislating than this.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Restoration of Ami
A Road Trip nightmare by
Sam Hawkmoor - Pre-Order now
E-Books Drops: Feb 29th 2024

Extract from 1st Chapter

Block Island Here We Come!
Victor Castleton

That morning I loaded up the bicycles on the Jeep’s rack. “We are going to Block Island!” I cheered!

100 books
By the Book

James C. Clar
100 Novels You Must Read Before You Die. What bibliophile could pass up such a tome? Not me.
Asha & Zuki
Sam Hawksmoor

Asha opened her eyes.  Her tongue felt thick and she had a mild headache.  
Echoes of a funeral drum
Mary Opaluwa
Baba and I were at the Lokongoma crossroads to perform the sacrifice which Noka’s life depended on
A Walk in the Park
Martin Green
Living alone is hard to do

Lost Chances
City of Lost Chances
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Sam Hawksmoor review
A cast of thousands all doomed to fail
The Future by Naomi Alderman
4th Estate

Sam Hawksmoor review
It’s a survival story with a great plot and a wonderful twist with main characters who are very thinly disguised versions of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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