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*Hackwriters is mostly in archive mode now with only sporadic updates - September 2019
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Grand Canyon Crow
An Insufferable Trip to Grand Canyon - Cassidy Sommer
These crows? In Arizona? Holy crows! I thought my ears were going to burst every time one flew by with a beak full of insufferable squawking.

In the Shadow of Never Mountain
Matt Norcini

The church bells echoed through the quiet town streets of Berat, Albania. It was 6pm, and it was time for giro. We had read about this tradition of “total town promenade” and, honestly, thought little of it.

Hatred On Parade
James Campion
The Rise of White Nationalism & the Ongoing Threat of Domestic Terrorism
Remember when we were all afraid of ISIS killing us in the streets a few years back? Oh, those were the salad days. We were so much happier then. Foreign religious maniacs, we kind of get. White guys with a grudge and armed to the teeth, we mostly ignore, sometimes laugh at, and strangely vote for.

Some ‘Likes’ - Few ‘Dislikes’ -
Makes Life

Indrani Bhattacharyya

‘I’m in love I guess.’ In spite of knowing pretty well that this sentence had been directed towards me, I pretended not to hear it and continued reading ...

Fasting in Amman

David C Clemmons

In an effort to absorb more of the cultural nuances of Jordan, I decided to participate in the fasting aspect of Ramadan

Buying a new car
Jerry Slafsky
There are many "life experiences" that are rather unpleasant and that most people try hard to avoid

REVIEWS Film & Books
How to deal with the loneliness

Abigail George

I think of Elijah who had literally moved abroad. Well, he had always wanted to travel. He had prospects. I was a non-event in his life.
Rain falling hard
A Dereliction of duty

Sam Hawksmoor

Jeyna said a quick prayer of protection and entered the children’s bedroom.  She quickly checked herself, tried to hide her surprise. The room was small, damp and far worse than any room at the orphanage.

Heart Of Glass
Dan Schneider review

German filmmaker Werner Herzog is not an artist to be underestimated, even in his lesser films, like 1976's Heart Of Glass (Herz Aus Glaus) because his films tend to have a cumulative power,

In the Pool by Hideo Okuda
Charlie Dickinson review

hilarious dialogue, lovably neurotic characters, and keen insight into contemporary Japanese life.
Sobre Las Olas and Latin Film
Dean Borok review
Of all the world’s language groups, the most fascinating and sophisticated film output derives from the Spanish-speaking countries of Europe and Latin America, with their diverse and unique historical experiences and cultural points of view

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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