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GRID in action
Lighting Up San José El Paraiso

Tyrel Nelson 8.18.23
GRID Alternatives in action

Installing solar in remote Nicaragua
A Bike Tour of Amsterdam
Tania Jachens

Despite my tour guide’s warning, I looked away from the bike in front of me for just a moment.

Death, Debauchery and Desert: Africa’s Wild South-West
Christopher Clark

I knew next to nothing about Namibia. I have since discovered that the same is true for most people outside of Germany
Classical Elegance
Nick Constance
8 days, 4 ships, 3 concerts and 7 locations –a magical musical tour through the French countryside

Chris Christie
What the Hell is Chris Christie Doing?
James Campion 8.19.23

Corpulent Kamikaze from New Jersey Explained
MAGA Carnage
James Campion 8.9.23
The Final Perp Walk of Donald J. Trump
- There was only one way for the Trump experiment in governance to end ...
OHIO Calling
James Campion 8.12.23

Another Fascist Republican Defeat to Democracy & the Call of Women’s Productive Rights Nationwide
What Me Worry?
Sam Hawksmoor
How's your memory right now? Not so sure about mine anymore ...

Robbie Robertson
Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson
1943-2023 8.12.23
James Campion
His legacy The Band & The Last Waltz

3 Steps to Change Your Career Path at Any Age
Indiana Lee
It's never too late to invest in your life and career
Sinead O'Connor
Sinead Marie Bernadette O'Connor
James Campion
She was my hero

REVIEWS Film & Books


James C. Clar
The body in question
Incredibly Closely Illuminated
Abigail George

‘I worry about you. You’re too young to die you know. Get out of that profession. It’s going to kill you...'
Let's Make A Deal
Oswaldo Jimenez

I’m supposed to be dead. The deal was that when I reached the age of fifty I would be dead.  Of course, it wasn’t exactly specified ... I think it was just supposed to happen when I reached the age of fifty.
The Loan
Martin Green
“Nick’s going to ask you for that loan.   I knew it when they announced those furloughs.”

stack of pages
Searching for A True Story

Vincent Lowry 8.2.23
Papers exploded out of the drawer like confetti out of a party popper
Sam North

She came bursting out of the door, careening noisily off the far wall, staggering to a stop, dazzled by the glare of the moon against the whitewashed walls.
On Writing YA fiction
Sam Hawksmoor

If someone came up to you and said they were from a parallel world - you'd back away right?  Find an excuse and run. 

The Road to Unfreedom
by Timothy Snyder

Sam North review
A terrifying glimpse into Putin's mind and our unfree future.
Katherine hepburn
The Legend of the Philadelphia Story
Rick Neal
Who is the greatest Hollywood star of all time? Ask six different people and you’ll get six different answers.
The Cure, by Michael Coleman
Chris Burden

"1984" meets "Annie" in this story full of life lessons for a contemporary youth. Set in the year 274 AD (After Darwin) we are granted access to an alternate version of what our world could become.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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