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The International Writers Magazine: Austerity is a dirty word

Unkiss The Austerity
Jerry Cunningham
Wall Street and London have us rubbing our national eyes over the new word that the banksters have oozed out of their insatiable, intestinal worm machine: “austerity”. Merriam-Websters has given it the 2010 Word of the Year Award—that online dictionary saw “austerity” searched a quarter of a million times in 2010—as the people scratched and sniffed for its meaning.


“Austerity” is more than a mean word; it’s a code word for more global pain; it’s a pox upon your houses; it’s an act of violence coming to a theatre near you.

And the boys got MBAs and swore to ‘retire by 30.’  Then, on to the humorless glass edifices of finance.  Those edifices house humming, after-glowing networks of caffeine, dudes and computer screens that shine and act in unison like families of gut bacteria.  And the MBA is now a ticket to ride the wilding waves of . . . Wall Street  . . .  software. The people, though, were sickened by bailing out the banks and the people relapsed into wretching when the banksters exposed their dominatrix skill in coming out on top.

That second wretching was the record profiteering for the banksters as the people bought dinner at 7-Eleven and reeled from job and life loss, chapter elevens, foreclosures, and shame, with nowhere to rest our collective head, much less to land.

The banksters saw themselves as the victims of the great unwashed who simply do not understand that, without the banksters, there will be no economy on Monday. The people, by contrast, saw themselves as victims of a computer-driven, but short-lived – we thought –
bailout of crooks and liars and their governmental codependents.  The people thought that, after the bailout, and then, after the bonuses, the banksters would fade away like the itch on a red, bumpy rash that no one but the doctor ever knew about. 

The people were wrong.
The banksters, unlike democracy, plan to be around regardless of the form of government; the banksters, unlike the people, will lose not a penny if the people lose in a minute the value of the work of centuries. Citigroup’s buildings, in the view of the crooks and liars inhabiting them, have more permanence than a sappy Lincoln memorial. Certainly, from the architectural looks of bank headquarters worldwide, the banksters have concluded that Fortress Finance will outlast, and probably own, both The Green Zone and the greenback.
As 2011 lets its guard down, the people of the United States are about to get a surprise punch to the face.
            Round 1: Bailout.
            Round 2: Wild Bankster Profits During Planetary Disaster Caused By The Banksters.
            Round 3: “The Austerity.”

You have to give the banksters credit; they are shaking down a nation by having young males hit ENTER. The big fat shudders in 2011 and beyond in the U.S. shall come from the bankster plan for your austerity.

You might have thunk that “Hey, we’ve already had a lot of pain, we’ve sacrificed plenty in the past 30 years, and we took it on the chin for the past 3 years—the worst is behind us.”
And you would have thunk wrong. For the banksters are not done with you -- in herpes-like fashion, there is much more to come.
Here is how Round 3 came about. In Round 1, the banksters convinced their codependents in government that only a massive bailout of the banks could save this universe and all those parallel to it. In Round 2, the banksters got paid while the people got tased.

Throughout prior centuries, we, the people, planned for future troubles and built our house of laws. The quiet times of the dead Americans left us with ways out of troubles -- should those troubles come. We look at those deals, those ways, those means, those nails hand-hammered by silent carpenters, as if painted in permanence like the three-point line in basketball.  But what is more permanent, the U.S. or Goldman Sachs?
It is way too male to call them ‘nails in the frame of a house’ no matter who or when those framers. Let us be agreeable, then, and call those nails, deals, arrangements, understandings, and ways and means by the more American word, our laws.
American laws are often richly soaken by the endless, toothless, hairy termites known as the merciless greedy. Every generation tries to keep those termites in check and keep our good wood and burn the rest. The most recent loveless, generational mockery of decency resulted in bailouts and bonuses.  We, the people, were left with a less perfect union, but our house of law still stands.   Will colonies of virulent MBAs turn their tiny termite teeth again on the people and hum away at the foundational laws of the U.S.?
Can we protect the good body of law planted on our smiling national lips by slobbering, loving relatives from our American past? The fixed kiss of ages: we wrote these laws down like epistles so as to always be in remembrance that the kisses were planted for permanence. Our laws were meant to be unlike the butterfly whisper and more like bony ebony
Yet, our generation’s banksters now – in 2011 and beyond -- bring a one-word seduction to our wives and daughters. The one-word seduction of the banksters (FYI, they’re after little boys, too) is: “austerity.”
When a stranger’s cold, powdered, deadly hand reaches for the warmth of your kid’s privates you should flee with your child. We must flee from austerity programs that hurt a nation for the sake of bonus cash.
Austerity has word-babies: words and phrases like, “scaring the bond markets,” “cutting fat,” “the new normal”, “reassuring markets”, “unsustainable debt” (as if our country were a barbershop that may go out of business except for the tough love of the banksters), “trimming fat”, “loss of market confidence,” and “sovereign risk.” Other word-babies seeded by the banksters, without a sniff of sexual irony, are: “layoffs,” “debt loads,” “shrinkage,” “haircuts” and “fiscal pain.” 
Rather than be arrested for disturbing the peace, the banksters want immunity: immunity from bankster austerity; immunity from our laws; immunity from loss of unearned, flat-screened bankster cash.
The director of photography for the austerity plans has story-boarded these images:

  1.  private ‘rating agencies’ threaten to downgrade the credit rating of the U.S.;
  2. banksters want higher interest rates paid to them by the U.S.;
  3. the banksters threaten to dry up the ability of the U.S. to borrow in their “markets”;
  4. the Pentagon is forced to hold bake sales;
  5. the people are forced to work harder and longer, while paying higher taxes for lessened public services;
  6. the bankster PR machine and related noise-makers divide and conquer the people by encouraging fights
    1. between young indebted students and elderly social security recipients
    2. between private sector workers and ‘spoiled’ government employees, and
    3. over the standard colors (black v. white v. brown).

We have no immunity from the financial, political and PR STDS jointly known as a national austerity program. Indeed, with a U.S. economy on its knees we look up with meth eyes from our knee-pads.  Will we succumb again?  Must all good bitch slaps to the face of the nation come in threes?  We, the people, are porn to the banksters, and austerity is their money shot.

© Jerry Cunningham FEB 2011.
Jerry is a retired California lawyer and currently teaches law in Oregon.  His email is:

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