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The International Writers Magazine: Young Adult Fiction

Blood Alchemy
Book Three of The Bad Tuesdays – Twisted Symmetry
by Benjamin J Myers
Orion Books
ISBN: 978 1-84255 641 2
Sam Hawksmoor review
The Streetrats revenge against the Twisted Symmetry begins here


Following on from book two Strange Energy, Chess, Box and Splinter are separated. Chess returns to her own time and dimension whilst Box and Splinter are caged in an always changing prison waiting to be eaten by the monster Dog trooper The General.
Chess has returned older, taller, a little wiser and more confident, but she is in the hands of Ethel of the Committee again when all she wants to do if go back and free her brothers.

In this the third fast paced sci-fi adventure that has to be one of the most grisly concepts ever written for children, Chess wants to destroy the living computer that can predict where the Fat Gobster will strike and steal the children.  She wants to prevent the Twisted Symmetry getting hold of more children.  She now knows what happens to them, their tortured screams are used as energy to feed the Twisted Symmetry.

The Hunters are after her and she makes a new friend out of posh girl Anna who is a tough hockey player and knows how to handle herself.  Anna's brother, the computer hacker has been disappeared by the CREX Corporation and she and Chess have a connection, she knows it. 

Chess wants to know who her parents were and the secret was left with the strange aging rock star Crazy Boris but wrapped in a thermo-nuclear package.  Nothing is ever as it seems and Lemuel the traitor who now lives in the Crex tower  (and is trying to be good) reveals that he meddled with her birth and Chess is not as human as she thought, and as such she is very much in demand by the Twisted Symmetry.

Confused? don’t be.  Start at the beginning with The Twisted Symmetry and read all three of these exciting manic and extremely dangerous street rats as they take on the worst that the Universes can throw at them and just about survive.
Whether you root for Chess or her brother Box or hate the egotistical Splinter, Blood Alchemy ticks all the right boxes, leaves you utterly exhausted and you too will discover how to make time stands still. 
© Sam Hawksmoor September 2010
Author of ‘The Repossession of Genie Magee’ coming from Hodder 2011

The Bad Tuesdays - Strange Energy
by Benjamin J Meyers

Sam Hawksmoor
Strange Energy is the second book in the Bad Tuesdays Twisted Symmetry horror series and it grips from the first pag

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