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'The Restoration of Ami' by Sam Hawksmoor
One old man, a troubled teenage girl who knows nothing about the outside world and Stan the dog are on a road trip into MAGA America.  With each mile they travel Montreal seems to get further away.
ISBN: 978-1-7385181-0-4 - Print UK & USA
Pub: Hammer & Tong/KDP 3.1.24

• Bonnie Devet review

The Story: Remy has one last obsession – to complete the restoration of his ’57 Studebaker Golden Hawk.  He’s planned a road trip to Montreal to find a part he desperately needs. It’s a long way from Florida; his Chevy truck is almost as old as he is. There are doubts he’ll be able to make the drive, doubts about his bladder, his heart, but he’s determined to go.

The Restoration of Ami

To be honest, I could not put it down because I was so engaged with the relationship/interaction of Ami and Remy. The trust and respect that arises between two generations (represented by Ami and Remy) is reassuring and engaging. In today' time, it is helpful to see generations conecting to each other. Ami, herself, is refreshing, too, because of her lack of pretension, her freshness, and her honesty. Readers will want to keep reading to see how "it all turns out." And don't forget the dog Stan, whose presence adds to the book's sense of a "family" being formed. As the book says, "Be more dog!"

© Bonnie Devet Dr. - 7.1.24

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