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The International Writers Magazine: In Conversation on Google +

The US Supreme Court: a Cosmic and Comic Conversation
• Deborah Levine and Roy Valenzuela

Wonderful, offbeat conversations about serious matters often bloom on the internet. This recent debate over the last set of Supreme Court decisions was a Google+ bonus between myself and Roy Valenzuela , whom I have never met in person but apparently lives just across town. We invite you to join our irreverent, comic, and cosmic conversation about the Supreme Court and its context in The Grand Scheme of Humanity.

Roy: Perhaps these judgements are a ploy, a subversive diabolical initiative that so captures the attention of the 'Worlds' population, such as 'pied piper' whisking along a certain path to an indeterminate end, stealing away our time and attention, whilst the prevailing influences solidify their base and with self-granted impunity legislates the behavior of mankind.....

Deborah: Well, alrighty then ... As the plot sickens and we are caught in the woeful web of intrigue and charlatan-like pronouncements, mayhaps we will find ourselves at the precipice, buffeted by the prevailing winds that swirl at the edge of chaos, forcing a creative surge, a revolutionary gestalt and cosmic awareness of an innovative solution that can carry us to an alternate universe where logic prevails and self-discipline rules from within and throughout civilization.

Roy: Naaaaw......You speak of Heaven/ yet to come...There are countless effigies to raise, even more to topple, and that said 'cosmic realities' will surely come.....hmmm. I've had time to think...perhaps not a good thing. However, it's obvious to me that this ruling is not a public matter, nor does consensus factor in. Previous state rulings, reflective of the constituency, were entirely ignored....The 'representative' quotient is set aside....So Mrs. Levine what does that leave?....What brand of government is this anyway?.....

Deborah: We are now governed by the Flux Capacitors in which time warps are interfering with judgement, forcing us to fight the battles of the past, no matter how obsolete the arms are. Local rulings are testing the limits of judicial decision-making so that place-holding pronouncements are made with the hope of future clarity because there is precious little at the moment. We are held in the cocoons of the Matrix with the illusion of control while the future spins its web around us and we debate how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. The rulings & the government are trying to find clear cut direction where Chaos prevails - for the moment. No direction yet, but cutting off some avenues for the time being - like pruning a wildly growing vine forming a thicket surrounding the castle & Sleeping Beauty - for the moment.

Roy: Well now- that doesn't bode well for us beauties does it?...Off point... but it seems other than not being a commissioned four star general your list of credentials is extensive. No lack of recognition or accomplishment on your part. Human kind and its societal quirks, most specifically those of the female sort, is an intrigue and passion of yours?....The multiplicity and confluences of religions in a post modern era/a second?.....The bane of 'our'' society has been entitlements. Caprice, which is consistent with a democracy,has made for a calculated indolent populace...ya think?...Oh yes....the pruning is going well!....

Deborah: Yes, I've been busy - wish I'd filled in the four-star general slot, but am the daughter of a military intelligence officer who liberated a labor camp in WW II. That colors my world view just a tad. So... entitlements - always been there, always will. It's a version of haves & have nots: from inherited feudal lords lording it over peasants to plantation owners & slave labor, to "robber barons" building massive railways with labor who sold their soul to the company store, to financial moguls who sell derivatives internationally, park the profits offshore, and outsource jobs globally for pennies. In the ideal USA democracy, we gag at unfairness, level the playing field, give everyone equal opportunity, teach the entrepreneurial spirit universally, and promote universally ambition to achieve the American dream. Never mind that new businesses fail at a rate of 80% within 2 years, it's the principle of the thing. The entitlements of tax breaks, loop holes, and federal subsidies largely benefit money & power; the entitlements of food stamps, social security, medicare... go to the poor, the lost, the sick, the new, the used-up, the sick who lost hope of the American dream. Yes, there should be pruning, but of whom? and as importantly, how? If the Supreme Court can't do it, then what? Timing is everything and maybe it's not time yet.

Roy: Entitlements are a fickle thing. And yes there are plenty to go around....excepting for the middle class, which by the way is no where to be found. Not a good sign of things to come. Historically when that cast turns up missing, the winds have shifted, all is eerily quiet, there are no ensigns to be raised, just the wait and see for the next chess peace to be moved....Me- I prefer to turn tail and run before that peace is moved....But,but, and again but - the government of the ancient city of Rome, entertained their rather large unemployed population with bread and a circuses....Their particular science was more direct. Maybe, perhaps because their government was a one man show?.... I'm just saying.

Deborah Levine And now, dear readers, it’s your turn ...
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