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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

The Great Flu Pandemic of 2009 is coming.
Are you prepared?

'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor'
Charlie Dickinson

'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, Another Place to Die will terrify you, thrill you, and make you petrified of anyone who comes near you...'. Roxy Williams -

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Another Place To Die

collected works


James Campion
Mr Reality Check

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
'Chocolate will never seem the same again' Sunday Express
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Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
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'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review
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The International Writer's Magazine - February 2007 - Welcome

Travelers reports & guides
Politics and Issues
Ways of living
Barcelona Diaries
Rama Varma
As we plunge through the cottony clouds, we get a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Pyrennees.
What Brings You to Derry, Then?
Ashley Dresser
"What brings you to Derry, then?" a query that had been repeated to me almost daily since my arrival in Northern Ireland

Fire Dancing
W Ruth Kozak in Greece
The search for fire in Macedonia

Ben Lerwill
Jinchengjiang as a town did anonymity like it did Marmite. I remembered what it tasted like, but there wasn’t a hope in hell of getting any.
Hot House Rising
James Campion

The Bush Administration bankrolled by Oil Men suppressed scientific panic-speak on the accelerated global warming dangers.
War vs. Occupation
Congressional Quagmire Over Defining Terms & Objectives
'We had to pay people in cash, so the cash disappeared'.
Lewis Paul Bremer III
James Campion

Olive Oil - DOC
Raymond k Clement
Soon the DOC (Denominazion di Origine Controllata)appellation might appear on your bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy.

The New 2007 Mexico Diary
Dermot Sullivan
I often ask myself how on earth I ended up here, especially as I was set on going to Japan.

Shilpa Shetty in the House
Colin Todhunter
Pay a volatile mixture of famous personalities money to live in an enclosed house and let the nation vote them off the show one by one...
Black Lake
Sophia Hardy
The underground/indie music scene is still thriving discover Black Lake
Transistor Radio
Jeffrey Beyl
John Lennon once said that the transistor radio made him what he was and changed the world

24 Hours In Amsterdam
Eric D. Lehman
Jeremiah, Subhash, and I arrived in Amsterdam by bus through France and Belgium...

Driving America
Ari Kaufman - Fingerlakes
February - a good time to remember the summer in America's Mid-West
Snow Day
James Campion
Frozen precipitation has a way of bending the mind. Terror rules the day. Otherwise functioning humans with nary a care in the world become jabbering loons, dangerous to themselves and others almost immediately.

No Stop Signs
Brian Andrea in Trichy
You will either love India with a passion or hate it with a vengeance

The French Do it Weekly
Neil Smith on strife in Paris
On March 30th 2006, nearly two thousand Parisian youths proceeded to block off highways and streets

Swan Lake On Ice
The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Performances: until
Saturday Feb 24th
Jo Green -
A brillant night out
Say Yes to Dungeon Majesty
The addictive drama now on PBS
Aiko Misaki
A Haunting in Jackson
Paul Dale Roberts
This is my first time experiencing a true paranormal investigation...
The Red Coat
Alaina R. Alexander
It’s my junior year in college and my  footlocker from back home has just arrived and  the most important item of all… a new winter coat.
The Inner Mongolia Story
Neil Smith
In the land of goddesses she sits on a suitcase waiting...
The Parable of the Square Egg
James Skinner

Dead Man Talking
James Campion

Original Shorts
Books & Film
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Never Look Back
Footsteps falling on the icy ground. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She had to run, had to hide, had to get away.
Night Lines
Mark Cunliffe
Rollo Harris he could see that it was three minutes past midnight. His show was about to start...
Block Party
Mark Cunliffe
Guy Block knew it was going to be a bad night out.

The Pledge
Matt Alison
New Year’s Eve was the night with his resolution being to quit drinking for his all around health, and he felt an uncertainty about this change.
In the Redwoods
Mike Blake in the Forest
The moon was out that night – if not full, then close to it – and it shed a silver-white light down over the trees and the bank of the river. It was a wide, rushing river that we had crossed by a long wooden bridge to the flat, open bank (if you could call it that) where we settled for the night.
Setting up the Aquarium
G David Schwartz
We cleared the cobwebs from the aquarium, which sat dormant for five years. Great names like Xiphophorous maculate and Helvstoma temmincki swam through my head

Salmonella Men on Planet Porno
by Yasutaka Tsutsui
Translated by Andrew Driver

Sam North review
'A terrific introduction to this hilarious and perceptive Japanese Sci-Fi author.'
Blood Diamond Directed by Edward Zwick - A Holly Joy review of the conflict diamond thriller
Everyday People
Directed by Jim McKay
A Dan Schnieder DVD review
A New York warm hearted drama...
Music and Lyrics
Directed by Marc Lawrence
Starring Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore:

A Liz Barlow
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Sam North
'Papa,' she whispered. 'I think I am going to hell.'
A remarkable compelling WW2 story
Bobby Directed by Emilio Estevez
Sacha Markin review

an impressive, emotional film
The Jimmy Show
Directed by Frank Whaley
Dan Schnieder DVD analysis of this overlooked Blue Collar drama
Happy Feet & March of the Penguins
Rosie Wheatcroft review
2006 was the Chinese year of the dog. In Hollywood, it was undoubtedly the year of the Penguin.
Y Tu Mamá También
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Gabriela Davies
There is a new wave of cinema in the international scene today, and it is definitely Latin.
Somersalt (DVD review)
Director: Cate Shortland/with Abbie Cornish 2004
Somersault is one of those films that stay with you long after you watch it.
The Sorrows of Young Pamuk
Istanbul: Memories of a City
Stefanie Stiles
Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul has the feeling of a biography written about a lost and lovely woman by a still-besotted ex-lover; it is an elegy for the city of Pamuk's youth.
Look Both Ways (DVD review)
Directed by Sarah Watts
Carly McLain

Disaster is Everywhere

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