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The International Writers Magazine: In Defence of the Four Corners

Gobular Theory: Refuted
• John Vaughn
It has recently come to my attention that there are certain pundits in our midst who are engaged in brazenly poisoning the minds of our youth. I have frequently railed against this outrageous behavior in the past and will continue to do so at every opportunity.
Flat Earth

The present era of political correctness and enforced conformity is stifling to the very nature of human inquiry. Those who wield power in this regard must not be allowed to wreak havoc on our basic scientific understanding of the natural world.

The latest, and most frightening, example of this attempt to undermine traditional philosophy is the absurd claim being made by those in the public sector that the earth itself is no more than a spinning orb. I have been informed that Public School systems in several states have added this nonsense to their scientific curriculum. This latest attempt has surely gone beyond the pale of what can be tolerated, even in a free-thinking community.

 This attempt to falsely present the world as it is not is so easily refuted that even the purveyors of these theories must blush at their own audacity.

 I have taken pen to hand in this instance to supply a concise but conclusive rebuttal of globulism, one which can be used as classroom aid or general information pamphlet to use as a devastating counter-argument against those who would spout ridiculous theories.

  A few simple arguments should suffice to demonstrate that the earth is not a spinning orb. Simple logic will tell us that if the earth is spinning like a top at the rate of 900 miles per hour that any man might verify this fact by simply hitting a golf a ball into a field. The ball will travel much farther if one tees off in the opposite direction from which the earth is spinning. The imaginary golfer will travel away from the ball at the same time the ball is moving away from the golfer. A ball hit into the direction of spin cannot go more than a few feet at best, as the person hitting the ball continually gains on it as it progresses. One might quite easily design the equation for this operation, but it is not the purpose of this monogram to belabor the obvious. Simply put, all golf courses would be linear if the world resembled a droplet.

 If the world were truly orbital then would not all tables have five legs? Would not all birds fly west? Would not all automobiles double or triple their mileage by simply turning around?

 The logic itself does not suffice. For the world to be in rotation there must be a denial of common experience. Can one jump into the air and alight in the same spot? Is it not possible to grow a straight tree? No less an authority than the great William of Occam convinces us not to stray beyond the physical world in this regard.

  Simple measurements will, a posteriori, show that that the earth is much further across at 45 degrees north latitude than it is at 45 degrees south. Any well-traveled man or student of geography will confirm this calculation. This can be verified on any map by comparing the width of Chile with that of Canada. The implications of this profundity cannot be lost on any but those who refuse to see.

 A slightly more erudite example may be drawn from the animal world. If, according to simple reason, there are four corners of the earth then the notion of animal migrations looses all of its mystery.

 No less an authority than the Holy Bible confirms the necessity of a mesa-like structure for the development of human history. Like it or not, a plateau is what we inhabit.

 Give me no talk of fictitious moon landings or motorless space stations. These phantasies of children’s imagination must never be mistaken for truth. The world is as God has created it and if this does suit the agenda of political correctness, so much the worse for those of that sorry ilk.

© John Vaughn October 2013

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