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The International Writers Magazine - Our Tenth Year:

Gifted by Marylyn Kaye
ISBN: 978-0-330-51006-6
Macmillan Paperback
Here today Gone Tomorrow - Book 3 in the series
Marcel d' Agneau

Emily can see the future, Jenna can reads peoples' minds, Tracey can go invisible and Sara’s powers are too big to even use. Then there’s Carter who has no powers, which is a bit odd, and Charles who can move objects with his mind and is desperate for friends and bitchy Amanda who can steal anyone’s body. Mustn't forget Ken who sees dead people...

..They are all in Madame’s class at school and someone is abducting them, one by one. Emily can see it happening, but is powerless to stop it until she finally decides to investigate the disappearances herself. These kids have gifts but find it hard to know what to do with them. No one trusts them at school and some, like Martin don’t know how to control them. But someone knows about them and wants to use their skills for their own evil ends. Can Emily save them and is there anyone she can trust? Is Madame in on it? Worse her Mother wants to take her out of class. She doesn't believe in 'gifts'.

Gifted is a perfect adventure for young readers 8-12 who wish they had special skills, all presented in a very easy readable style.

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