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The International Writers Magazine - Our Tenth Year:

Bozo and the Storyteller by Tom Glaister
Firecrest Publishing Ltd; (Aug 2008); Pages: 260
ISBN 978-0-9560192-0-2
Sally Hayes

Bozo and the Storyteller is the kind of book that is ageless. Ostensibly a novel for older children, it's the kind of book their parents will sneak in to borrow once they've fallen asleep.
With echoes of The Never Ending Story, Bozo and the Storyteller turns the concept on its head by suggesting the we are, in fact, just characters in a Story. Somewhere, on a planet made of cheese, a bunch of foolish creatures called Bloons gather around a rock each night to hear the Storyteller tell the latest chapter in the antics of Hoomanity.

We learn that our mobile Fones have tiny teeth that eat away at our sunsets and good conversations, that inside lightbulbs are imprisoned creatures of light called Phootons and that most Hoomans are prisoner to the flashing images of the Hypnosis Box.
All is not well in Bloonland, however, as the Storyteller announces that he's dying and that when he passes away, the Story shall be no more… A Bloon by the name of Bozo volunteers to enter the Story, however, and go look for a Cure. He teams up with a 9 year old boy called Theo and the two of them travel the planet looking for a way t heal the Storyteller.
Meeting mystics and sages in Europe, the Middle East, India and the US, they find themselves pursued by a mysterious force known only as The Enemy. As they go on they find that there may be more to the Storyteller's illness than they bargained for…
Bozo and the Storyteller is a book to make you laugh, think and maybe, just maybe, look up at the sky and wonder if an old man is talking about you right now to the raucous laughter of a gang of Bloons.

© Sally Hayes Jan 2009

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