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a harmonious Blend of Eastern and Western Cultures
Sava Hassan

Beijing succeeded, where most of its counterpart capital cities in other countries failed, in fulfilling the diversified desires of its visitors. It harmoniously encompasses monuments of progress along with reminders of its extraordinary history. One can experience the invigorating life of Paris, New York, Montreal or London by walking down the streets of modern parts of Beijing, staying at its luxurious five stars hotels such as Crown Plaza Park View or enjoying the fast food frenzy at one of the numerous fast food outlets such as MacDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut.

A tourist, who aches to take a glimpse at the simple yet fascinating life of the past, can taste that intriguing historical experience by taking a Hutong Tour and visiting Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, The Great Wall or Bei Hai Park. One will, completely get lost in a journey of contemplation about the significance of such architectural wonders, while standing atop the great wall. An explorative visit to Tiananmen Square or the Temple of Heaven permits one a chance to hear the spirits of the past whispering secrets of the exhilarating events that took place inside their walls.

Beijing surpassed other major metropolitan cities in catering to the taste of all classes. It had acquired the well deserved honor of being the city, where both poor and wealthy may claim it, as their favorite travel destination. Luxurious hotels are spread all over Beijing, where the rich and famous will find a sanctuary to relax and immerse themselves in absorbing the juice of comfort in their facilities of spas, night clubs, fitness centers and exotic restaurants. Middle class tourists would feel at ease being the target of the famous Chinese hospitality, offered by three stars hotels, without breaking their limited budget. Low-income visitors of the city might easily feel at home being among their Chinese peers.

Through acquisition of diversified knowledge about various cultures and being familiar with traditions and customs of multiple races, one can widen one’s horizon to enhance one’s life. Beijing, without competition, occupies the top spot in the lists of cities to explore during the span of one’s life. In Beijing, inhabitants from all countries merge to form a symphony of universal society in which all stand equal with common desire to enjoy life. They forget their original languages to speak the language of friendship.

Tourists can’t just survive on beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodation or friendly and hospitable attitudes. They need to satisfy their taste buds with nourishing as well as exotic meals. Beijing’s restaurants will delightfully oblige to fulfill their requests by offering them a diverse variety of cuisines that almost encompasses Eastern as well as Western famous dishes. One can taste Arabic, American, French, German, English and Japanese along with other national sumptuous food.

Nightlife in Beijing can compete fairly with that of any major city. One may find discos, Karaoke bars, opera houses, cinemas, amusement parks, concert halls or live theater to pass a memorable evening sharing laughter, listening to music or allowing one’s feet to move smoothly on the floor according to the beat of various types of music.

Dreamers of wealth and fortune will fulfill their lifelong dreams by venturing into business opportunities that Beijing bestows upon investors in abundance. The Chinese government took the necessary measures to facilitate the procedure of establishing foreign corporations in Beijing. Foreigners will discover that Beijing full-heartedly will open its arms to envelop them with its warm, friendly and hospitable atmosphere to welcome them as members of its distinguished population.

Beijing is and will remain the dreamland to visit for writers, photographers, philosophers, artists, intellectuals, martial arts fans, Sino-culture enthusiasts and experiencing Eastern traditions seekers. Writers perceive it as a bottomless treasure of inspiring achievements that would allow them to let their imagination run wild and their words flow smoothly while penning down masterpieces of literature. Artists would love nothing more than sitting among Beijing’s relics to create captivating painting pieces of pure art. Intellectuals fantasize about quenching their eternal thirst to absorb the wisdom included within Beijing walls of knowledge. Photographers seek nothing more than to have an opportunity to let their lenses narrate the glorious history of the city. Sino-culture enthusiasts and experiencing Eastern traditions seekers would find an endless source of information being among the inhabitants of the only city in China where a blend of natives from every part of China including big town and villages live harmoniously side-by-side.

By spending few days within Beijing gates of hospitality, by breathing its, full with secrets air, by tasting it sumptuous yet nourishing food, by interacting with its friendly hospitable inhabitants and by trudging through its historical sights, I became part of its glorious essence as it participated in my evolution to be who I am today. Beijing, you will remain eternally my dreamland to visit.
© Sava Hassan April 4th 2007

Sava Hassan is a Canadian Egyptian author and educator. He has published 2 books and in the process of publishing his third book (You can search the Internet for my pen name: Sava Hassan).
I am teaching English writing at the university in Hohhot, China since 2003. Up to July 22nd, 2005, I was also writing a weekly advice column in Beijing Weekend. 

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