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Life Moments

My First Kiss
• Katie Tatela
Curiosity. Why are boys so drooly? I never wanted a boy to kiss me my entire life.

First Kiss

Curiosity. Why are boys so drooly? I never wanted a boy to kiss me my entire life. As a kid my parents never kissed in front of me. I was grateful. Kissing is disgusting. It’s like reading over the shoulder.

"Do you want to go to the river for a swim?" Willy asked as he dragged and shuffled his muddy bo-bos by the laces after him. His left big toe was hanging out of the left shoe and there was mud caked under the toenail. He smelled like dead fish and onions. On the other hand, his blonde hair had brownish tuffs that sparkled in the sunlight. Dreamy. So I accepted the invitation.

I had to change into my bathing suit and find something to cover with, a towel, clothes and a comb. He had nothing but cut-off denims and a net. As if he was EVER going to catch something. The day was breezy, but we had our sippies and a stash of candy in the pockets. When the wind whips over the water the air hits your shoulders and a chill runs through your whole body.

Willy bent over and kissed me RIGHT ON THE CHEEK! I could’ve died of embarrassment. I don’t know why he kissed me. He did it right on the street (or lack there of – sidewalk). It was so gross – he left a big, wet, slimy spot on my face. I guess he was that thrilled that I could go swimming. Willy was a year older than me and had two older sisters. They both had boyfriends and went to the private high school down the road. Willy sucked on helium balloons once to make me laugh – it didn’t work. I just walked away. Now I wish he would go suck on an egg.

I swear if that boy ever touches me again with those candy-stained lips, I’ll scream bloody murder. I told his mother about the whole kissing-incident years later while we were crocheting together at a ladies night out event. 12:32 That was my first kiss, from Willy Myers by the river on that breezy, summer afternoon.

I had so many mixed emotions. The emotion that came over me first was that of hatred toward boys for making me the most confused and embarrassed girl in the whole universe. All of those horrible attributes the boy possessed like stomach-turning smells and uncleansliness made me sick. When he kissed me I felt ill. But the kiss also made me feel warm inside all over and reminded me strangely aware of the positive characteristics my Daddy showed off to the world. My daddy was in the war. Always a hero to me. I won’t go into the details because they aren’t important. Willy M. was my best friend and to this day we still talk. But now he has a wife and kids and lives in the south while I am just a single, lonely writer.

© Katie Tatela January 2009

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