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Indian Twister
Evan Denno

To fit twenty-one people (including two small children and a baby) into one Range Rover knock off, first forget about seating; it's about volume.

Hack, Slit, Squeal: Immunity in Georgetown, Chennai
Colin Todhunter

Hack, slit, slice. Butchery in Georgetown. Peeled, pink goat carcases in fly-ridden, one-room shops

Republican (Donald Trump) Primary
James Campion
Or How Long Before the Terrorist Party Goes All-In

There is zero chance Trump loses Iowa, even though it is likely going to be 15 degrees below zero and frontrunners want a big turnout

The Lie of Originalism & States' Rights
James Campion
How a Compromised Supreme Court Will Save Donald Trump

The Vengence of January 6th
James Campion 1.14.24
This is the Year We Decide Who We Are – Democratic or Fascist

REVIEWS Film & Books
How to deal with the loneliness
Abigail George

I think of Elijah who had literally moved abroad. Well, he had always wanted to travel. He had prospects. I was a non-event in his life.
Teleportation Denial
Sam Hawksmoor

“All I’m saying, Rian, is that just because someone thought of it, it doesn’t mean it will come true.  Teleportation is bunk.  Pure bunk.  No one will ever beam up Scotty.  It’s impossible ..."

Wendy and Lucy Reminder
Tiffany Lee
When a film captures the deep insecurities of modern society with little but a girl and her dog, it makes you wonder, should the Hollywood majors be looking to independent films for guidance in getting it right?

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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