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Another Place To Die
by Sam North

The Great Flu Pandemic of 2009 is coming. Are you prepared?

'It will keep readers in suspense, laced with gritty-gallows humor'
Charlie Dickinson

'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, Another Place to Die will terrify you, thrill you, and make you petrified of anyone who comes near you...'.
Roxy Williams -

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Another Place To Die

Background Brief :

Two hundred thousand people die suddenly in China from a mutation of the H5N1 bird-flu virus. Before the Chinese Government can contain it, it is already literally flying around the world. It gains a firm foothold on North America’s East Coast – despite widespread use of antivirals and a sophisticated ‘National Strategy for Pandemic Planning’. Yet the vaccination needed to combat this new lethal strain is at least four to six months away.

Worldwide, economies are imploding. Vancouver’s upcoming Winter Olympic plans are in ruins. Homeland Security have already closed the U.S. borders. Real estate everywhere is in free fall. Rumours of mass burial sites already being dug outside the city are circulating. Everyone is afraid of each other and martial law has already been imposed in some major cities in Europe and the States.

Fen 15 and her restless family have already fled to one of the many Gulf Islands off British Columbia Mainland - but after just four weeks they are going completely stir-crazy. To make matters worse, Fen hears rumours of people going from island to island burning and looting.

Arno Lakis is a successful futures analyst in Toronto, but he’s read the runes, seen the secret mortality figures. He has made his choice. To stay is to die. He flies West, on one of the last flights before they close the airports. He intends to find Rachel, a woman he met just once at a conference. Rachel is his big plan. If you can’t rescue the world – save the one you love. Rachel’s job has already gone, and her apartment building is in quarantine, she can’t live there.

Deka, the immigrant cabbie is one of the few men confident he won’t get flu. He has shunned the government’s antiviral TCH-5 and used Doc Borov’s killer soup instead, a home made vaccine developed by a former Russian virologist and ex-cabbie, who claims it will beat the virus. Doc Borov runs a secret clinic from a Gastown art gallery.

Vancouver is still functioning, seemingly secure because everyone is vaccinated. The Premier is reluctant to close things down, aware that fifty-percent of the population could be made unemployed. The rich are leaving, their yachts disappear at night.

This is a city on the verge of a nightmare, reluctant to close it’s eyes for fear of what may come.

There is a choice; hide away and hope to survive it, or flee to remote locations. But beware, the virus might get there before you. We discover the truth, there are no lone heroes to save mankind after all – it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

We are never more than three days away from civic breakdown and the virus quickly exposes our vulnerability. Cities die fast and all the planning in the world can’t help when no one can get to work and the power shuts down. Realistic, plausible and relentless, Sam North’s Another Place to Die is a blueprint for anyone seeking survival tips for the coming plague.

Another Place to Die Lulu Press ISBN: 978-1-84753-899-4 - $18
Available from all good on-line booksellers and Waterstones in the UK
Read the first Chapter at Lulu Press


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