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flu pandemic
Another Place To Die
by Sam North
The Essential Flu pandemic
thriller. Print or E-Book

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our Eleventh Year - June 2010 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
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Lyn Fuchs

I found little there except succulent food, tasty wine, soulful music, and attractive women 
A Rocky Adventure
Alison Reed

“The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World” begins with a taxi ride through the deserted streets of Calgary at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Bird of Paradise (HomeStay)
Marianne de Nazareth

Sitting on the banks of the slumbering Cauvery river, slapping off the mosquitoes on my bare legs, I was at peace with the world.
The Megalithic Civilization of San Agustin
Andres Botero

Anyone that visits the San Agustin Archeological Park in Colombia (South America) can experience an encounter with a strange energy suspended in the air for centuries.
Teaching in China Part Two
Craig Johnson

I started sweating nervously on the way to my first class of second graders, because I really had no clue what any of the names meant
Discovering Macau
Gisele Ribeiro

The City of Dreams, with its grandiosity and high ceiling buildings recalling great palaces, has received over 6 million visitors this year.
Dasht-e Kavir: Notes from the Great Salt Desert
Steven Tizzard
1388, spring, a new year, the month of Farvardin. It is the celebration of Norouz, a Zoroastrian festival whose precise origins are lost, an unrecorded mix of myth and whisper from the time of the Prophet Zarathustra, from a time beyond.

Joker in Camp
James Campion

U.S. Military's Revolving Generals & Endless Campaigns of Chaos. reeks of a symptom of a disease beyond this president and his war or his commanders and their last vestiges of a "strategy"
Fighting against the stigma of mental illness
Abigail George

The trend in today’s society is that shame and stigma still exists around the global issues of mental health. It is imperative that all of us fight for the dignity for sufferers of mental illness.
Talking to Native Speakers The Worst Way to Learn a Language
Antonio Graceffo

In the apartment complex where I live, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there is a Cantonese speaking woman who seems to know everyone.

The Proper Fix to Mend the Economy - Higher Interest Rates... Lower House Prices
Michael Levy
The big problem at this moment in time is the savers
The Real Battle of the World Cup
Dean Borok

Everybody knows that Ohio State and Michigan don't like each other very much, but what if an American football game caused a shooting war that resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees and thousands of people being hacked to death by axes and swords or lined up and machine-gunned by firing squads?
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Norman A. Rubin

Pakistan covers an area larger than Texas (311,000 square miles)

Wednesday’s Child
Jennifer Marshall

Its raining outside my window, a winter afternoon like any other
Radio Active Decay
Evan Retzer

New Orleans is a city of dead lights.  The glow emanates from keyhole windows in the skulls of shotgun houses...
Redefining Thai Flavour
Mark Currie
Thai food is now on the menus of cafes and restaurants in most countries around the world and rated as one of the world's finest feasts.
Why Not Mother's Surname?
Odimegwu Onwumere
Life for the African wife is hard with little reward
Mad Dogs and English Skiers
Jo Davies

In the past I have rowed across oceans but on this occasion I decided to ski across the Greenland ice sheet
Beach Weddings in Thailand
Jules Kay
The marriage with white sand between your toes and calm blue seas as a backdrop is enough to tempt many couples to take the plunge
I Ride My Bicycle
Don Bagley
I just finished my bicycle ride, I would say I’m out of shape, but the fact is I do have a shape. It resembles an elephant sea lion with two pasty white legs sprouting from its lower end.
Rainy Day Memories
Michael Chacko Daniels 
The wind shakes the aluminum frame of Rainbow Orchard’s stand within range of Simon Bolivar’s sword at San Francisco’s Heart of the City Farmers’ Market.
Broken Car in Kreti
Melina Lake 

I can’t help but be pleased when Jorgos’ attempt to drive my rented Fiat onto his tow truck platform fails miserably, as it proves the problem is with the car and not me. 
REVIEWS Film & Books
The History of a Love Affair
Jennifer Marshall

I lean against the door, holding it open with all my weight, and manouevre the unwieldy pram through the doorway. It’s a tight squeeze and one handle catches on the side of the frame.

The Ring
Amanda H Callendrier

I first met my husband in 1996. No one had a more romantic beginning than we did.

Adam Graupe

Hunter sat at the bar, lit up a Marlboro and sighed.
Martin the bartender said, “Got troubles, my friend?

One damn thing after another...
Martin Green

Saturday morning (early).  Danny Goodman opened his eyes.  His wife Cathy was already out of bed.  Briefly, he thought back to Friday night

Chris Castle

He looked down at her in the bed. He woke her, dressed her and together they ate breakfast. After a while he stole a car from the street and drove it back to the house.

Dark men haunt me at night
Minna Salami
Just the slightest inclination that a stranger was present in my room, and I was fully awake
C & You
Eric J

You are in love with C. Or at least you think you are, as all things concerning love are never fully understood
The Touch of Ermine
Tom Loftus

In a sleepy little town, nestled high in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, lived a grouchy and cantankerous old coot named Clutch.
Daughters of Eve
& other new short stories from Nigeria
A Kangsen Feka Wakai review
A collection with a realistic streak with occasional dots of the fantastic.
Twilight and Mist
Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

She came on the eve of his thirty-second birthday heralded by a pair of little white butterflies. He was with his fiancé then. He had been dreading the day, since it coincided with the anniversary of his mother’s death
Wenceslas Square-Off
John M. Edwards

John and his ex friend Sue went to Prague and find out the hard way that private nightclubs mean much more than dancing

StreetDance 3D
Sam Faulkner review
an enjoyable and crowd-pleasing portrait of some very talented entertainers
The Immoralist,

by Andre Gide
Dan Schneider review

One of the hallmarks of great art is that it not only defines its time, but transcends it, as well. In reading over the Dover Thrift Edition of Andre Gide’s 1902 novella, The Immoralist (L’Immoraliste), this fact came home pointedly.
The Cove
Shallow Water, Deep Secret
Director: Louie Psihoyos,
Shivani Shah
If the people of Taiji in Japan are culpable, the world stands accomplice to the horrific massacre of one of the most intelligent animals on Planet Earth
White Cat by Holly Black
Holly Trinder review
a brilliant story of magic, danger, mystery, and the simple problems of trying to fit in
Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
Sam North review
The third part of Chaos Walking is sheer brilliance - a battle against the Spackle for 600 blood soaked pages. Gripping and relentless, Todd and Viola go through hell and beyond, each day could be their last
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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