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The International Writers Magazine: War

Never Forget
Nicky Millman
In May I embarked on a Jewish organised tour of Poland. The name of the Jewish Organisation is called Aish UK and the trip was an intense and challenging experience. I so much wanted to write about what I truly felt on my trip with Aish Poland.

work makes you free

It was an incredible experience in the realisation and awareness of the true extent of events that happened there, in particular the three death camps, Auschwitz (1.4mill killed), Majdanek (80,000) and Treblinka (700,000). We all see it on television (history channel has some exceptional documentaries), movies (Schlinder’s list, The Pianist), books, and articles. But to visit these actual places, to witness a first-hand account from a holocaust survivor, Maidi Birnbaum, a wonderful courageous woman who still goes back to the camp to present talks. The inspiration, passion and expertise from the tour leaders and speakers offered a true emotional insight into the truth of what went on. All Jews and non-Jews should have the opportunity to visit Poland.

It is unbelievable and unfathomable how a people can become so evil, so evil to attempt to wipe out all of the Jewish race, either dead or enslaved, as part of Hitler’s Final Solution. He really was going to implement everything that was set out in Mein Kampf. The extent of the deception! The lies! The deceit! The cover-ups! When the Nazis left Aushchiwtz and tried to burn all the evidence...was this an admittance of guilt? Having a train information shop with tickets to Palestine at Treblinka to deceive the Jewish people. The belief that the Jews were going to have a shower but instead would be killed in a gas chamber! Never again! Never again for all Genocide.
The 20th century in general was littered with crimes against humanity;- massacres such as that at My Lai, 1968 where a US officer killed innocent people, 400,000 dead when the old Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the early 80s, the Darfur crisis, Rwanda in the 90s (800,000), Kosovo, Armenia, China, Cambodia, the list is endless and ongoing... It is unacceptable for the UN, even if they do not have enough power, to tolerate this in terms of no real action being done or walking into the crisis too late due to bureaucratic barriers (e.g. Rwanda).
Genocide can and must end for good!
© Nicky Millman August 2010
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