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The International Writers Magazine: Earth

Dear Mother Earth - a letter
Cait McCallum

I read an article today in the Science Daily and was overcome with anger, helplessness and frustration. By 2050, the world's human population is anticipated to swell from six to nine billion.

Three billion more minds, bodies, hearts and souls. I believe that we each have influence and power beyond our comprehension. Too often this power is placed on a shelf, kept inside or misused. There's a lot of talk about change right now and a whole lot of questions. Questions like, will there be a cure for AIDS? For cancer? What will happen to social security? Why is all love not created equal according to the law? How can we allow children to starve to death? Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? Can we put an end to world debt? Is the US able to end it's dependency on foreign oil? Will we take care of you, our dear, green Earth or continue to trash you and take you for granted? And that's just at the top of my head.

Look, I'm not trying to bring you down, there are steps being taken for possible solutions or suggestions at the very least. I suspect many of these arguments will be ongoing until the end of time, but if we don't take care of you none of it matters. We must take this threat seriously. It's a wake up call that I am guilty of hitting the snooze button. I will take action locally (recycle, reuse bags, sign petitions, etc) and think globally. Three billion more people to take into consideration. Three billion strangers that should have the option of experiencing coral reefs, polar ice caps, Redwood forests and countless natural wonders that need protection. Not experiencing in textbooks, but in the flesh.

To be honest, I could have taken virtually any article about any of the issues listed and had it evoke similar emotions in how we desecrate you. There are concerned citizens
of the world (sorry, of you) and we refuse to lose you without a fight. Like a mother, you took care of us. Let us take care of you. I want a bright future for you, for us and for the tomorrows I will never know

© Caitlin McCallum Jan 10th 2008

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