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From Our Spanish Correspondent

How Did It All Start - Spanish Politics 101
• James Skinner
Freedom's light goes out in Spain

Spanish politicians

I refer to last’s month’s essay that details the present Spanish government’s - almost - achievement of adopting a Venezuelan style government. In order to continue with the final blows, that are just around the corner, there is a need to recap on why the country is now extremely close to turning into a modern style Communist state.

Let’s go back to the year 2000, turn of the century.

It all began, twenty years ago when the PSOE, the Spanish socialist party elected Sr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as their new secretary. In the running were other more well known candidates, especially Sr. Jose Bono, a lawyer, church going Catholic and traditional style socialist. Sr. Zapatero was a relatively unknown politician, also a lawyer, who came from the city of Leon, in the autonomous region of Castilla y Leon. He won the party’s elections and his original political manifesto was to follow a similar path taken by that of Tony Blair, ex-PM of the United Kingdom known as ‘The third way’. All good intentions generally favouring the lower echelon of society.

Fast forward to the Spanish general elections of 2004. The ruling party at the time were the conservatives (PP) with Sr. Jose Maria Aznar at the helm. All bets were for a continuation. Meanwhile, the world had awoken to the horrific Islamic terrorist attack in the USA in 2002 with the infamous destruction of the Washington World Trade Centre as well as the Pentagon. There were more planned attacks in the pipeline, the question was: ‘where’? Back to Spain. Three days before the elections due on the 14th of March, various commuter trains were attacked in Madrid leaving a toll of 192 dead and several thousand injured. The government was stunned but what was worse, the immediate reaction was to blame ETA, the Basque terrorist group that had continued to commit murders after the end of the Franco dictatorship. Grave mistake, but the question remains as, to date, hardly any convictions have taken place. Was it yet another well planned attack by Islamic terrorist group or groups?

Result? Elections were held and the socialists regained power. Sr. Zapatero was elected as the new President.

The new government’s action was to immediately remove all Spanish troops from Iraq that caused a stir with the coalition forces still dealing with the conflict. Next move was the implementation of ‘delicate’ domestic policies favouring, among others, gay marriages, recognition of LGBT rights, loose abortion requirements but above all a ‘morality’ issue regarding the so called ‘victims’ of the Spanish Civil War assumed to be those on the losing side. There are many other liberal actions that took place, but this latter was the one that triggered off the famous law of ‘Historic Memory’ approved in December 2007 that changed the politics of Spain for years to come. The original idea was to identify the bodies of common graves throughout the country, but the result was a witch hunt on anything related. The exhumation of General Franco from the Valley of the Fallen was the ultimate act of the present government. In other words, from 1939, end of the Civil War to November 1975, Spain’s history is now a complete blank.

All the above may seem, in many ways to be irrelevant, nostalgic or even unnecessary history. Unfortunately, it has a very strong bearing on what is going on now, especially with the present and younger generations that were barely toddlers when the dictatorship ended.

So much for some background, now following last month’ summary, herewith new added events.

  1. King Felipe VI attended a state ceremony in Bolivia to welcome the new president that is now in the hands of the ‘old’ left wing regime. Ah! But Sr. Pablo Iglesias, the politician now in charge of the country jumped on the bandwagon and ‘gate crashed’ the ceremony. 
  2. The new law on censorship, i.e. an offence to criticize the government has been extended to, wait for it, any mention on twitter. Comments will be erased immediately.
  3. The Canary Islands have been subjected to a massive influx of illegal immigration from West Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania) since the beginning of the year but in the last few weeks has escalated to numbers that have caused the Island’s authorities to cry for help directly to the European Commission as the situation is now out of hand. Hundreds of large boats are in the pipeline to cross the ocean. The Spanish government is only now facing the music.

What about the European Union? Are the institutions in Brussels and elsewhere aware of what is going on in Spain?

Good question. Enough said for this month.

   © James Skinner Dec 1st 2020
email: jamesskinner at

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