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The International Writers Magazine: Dreamscapes

Lacy Lalonde
She decided to make a cup of tea before she hung herself, as if it was any other day. She wanted to think it through, make sure she was making the right decision.


There is nothing like a quiet cup of tea to help you think straight. With all of the regrets she had to live with, she wished she had drank more tea, maybe then she would have had less regrets.

As she plugged in the kettle, grabbed her favourite mug, she realizing that this would be the last time she would ever have a cup of tea. This made her sad. She loved tea. She reached for the blue tin that held her teabags. There was only one left. She took it as a sign, and it brought some relief. She had started to worry that she wasn't so sure that she should go through with it at all today. She hated not being sure, probably as much as she hated regrets. She leaned against her clean kitchen counter and sipped her hot cup of tea. It was the perfect temperature, just the way she liked it. She was happy to think that she would never have to clean again.

Although she did enjoy a good clean house and her kitchen was looking extra clean this morning. She loved her kitchen. Everyone was jealous of it, and she liked that. It was the dark oak island in the middle of the kitchen that made it extra special. She knew that she didn't have much to be jealous of, but at least she had her kitchen. And her award winning chillie. She loved winning those ribbons. She had a whole board full of first place ribbons hung up in her hallway. She was very proud of it. The few mouthfulls of tea in her belly had triggered her hunger. Since this was to be her last breakfast she decided to make her favourite, pouched eggs on toast.  She boiled some water, craked her eggs in, and put the bread in the toaster. She had a lot of bread left, as she had just gone to buy some yesterday. She hated the thought of letting it go to waste. Who would eat it after she had died? She decided to make some extra slices of toast and feed the rest to the birds.

While her bread was toasting and her eggs were boiling, she ripped up her bread into little pieces and put them in a bowl. She looked out her kitchen window to check the weather. It was a nice sunny morning and she could see that the birds were out and chirping on the branches of her apple trees. She opened her back door and stepped onto her porch. The cold morning air felt so good on her skin. She breathed the summer air in. The smell of the grass and dirt warming in the sun brought her back to the times of her youth, when she would go camping with her family or play with the boys in the woods. The memories made her smile. She remembered that she had had a good childhood and that she should be thankful at least for that. There was no point in reminscing about a long planned death, it would all be over soon enough anyway. She walked to the edge of her patio and emptied the bread bowl over her lawn on top of the other bread crumbs she had thrown out yesterday, and then she went back inside.

With her breakfast made she headed for her living room to sit on the couch and watch a bit of tv before she did what she had set out to do when she woke up this morning. The eggs were the right amount of runny, just the way she liked them. The best last eggs anyone could ask for. She flipped through the channels while her food digested. Her favourite show was doing an all day marathon.  This excited her a lot and she clapped her hands together twice to show it. How lucky, she thought. She decided right then and there that she would postpone the deed until tomorrow. Admitting to herself that she had been postponing it for the last 23 years of her life. Every day had just been too good to her. Life always presented her with a reason to tough it out for one more day. She was a firm believe of that old adage, living every day as if it was your last. Maybe tomorrow would be more boring she thought and then she could finally put an end to this loose end. She hated loose ends.  She should probably go pick up more eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast just in case.

© Lacy Lalonde
lacyscamulod at

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