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Tabytha Towe -

You know you're a loser when you start making up relationships with the things you ingest to compensate for a man'.

Today is August the 1st, the half way point to the end of summer. I REALLY live for summertime, and yet this summer I have hardly lived at all. For Chariest sakes I've been to the beach only once. I'm still looking white here! For the first half of my summer I have spent just working as usual and doing the odd partying every now and then. (I haven't been going out every night lately, shocking news.) My I've even cut down on the booze. There are reasons for that, of course, more details further on.

You know, it seems that every shift I am scheduled, somehow the weather is aware of this and plays a cruel joke on me. It has been gorgeously scorching out whenever I have been at work, so typically, whenever I have had a day off, it had to be cloudy or muggy out. I am almost ready to quit that underpayed-overslaved-excuse-for-a-job. It's not the work that I mind so much, I rather like having many duties (at once) so as to enable escape from boredom. It's not the fellow co-workers that I mind either, I love them all, they're great---unless you date them. No, it's more rather the bullshit of hypocritical management that I would say I do so mind. I can handle this bullshit, I just don't care to anymore. Quite frankly it's a waste of my time to make dick-all. I average maybe $600 a month??? I'm sorry but I think it's time I go else where. That is an absurd amount given my lifestyle. However, I can't keep complaining about my job and I'll always bitch about money. I should just accept this fact: I will never be satisfied about anything.

To elaborate on the whole concept of my drastic drop in the partying area, and by that I mean actually coming home more often, getting sleep more often and refraining from the bottle...more or less often. I had this plan to save a little cash up to go to San Francisco come the 16th. At last I am going away. It will be short lived because a week is all I can afford, but regardless to say, it's away nonetheless.

This is not the only reason why I have refrained from long nights of twisted events. I am also trying to be more health conscious--although I do still snack, as I am doing so as I write, and I don't put enough effort into exercise (this will all change soon ,girlfriends of mine are losing weight and I can't allow them to look that much better in a skirt than me.)

It's beer that destroys me. Evil, beloved, sweet, evil, evil beer!?#@%$* We have no understanding between each other. You know you're a loser when you start making up relationships with the things you ingest to compensate for a man. I both loathe and love both food and beer as much as I would a man. Only food and beer you can rid of later..

OK that's enough with that! Last but not least, the real reason for all of this propaganda is because of a man, funnily enough. He is not a flavour of the month either. It's the same guy I wrote a bit about last article. As you would figure by now, we have been hanging out with each other a lot (alright more like daily.) Within two months he has become my closest friend, which is all I want and need right now. He feels like home to me. We do all that cheesy boyfriend/ girlfriend hoop la without having the strings attached. It's cleaner without that label. I love how we made such an impact on each other's lives suddenly. We both popped out of thin air really. So due to being with him so often, has made my party scene a little quieter - and it's perfectly harmless.

Now we get to go to San Francisco, baby! Worth the sacrifice of a few hangovers definitely. After San Fran I'm heading straight to a cabin on an island and from there going camping. My summer will feel fulfilled after having doing that, and I'll throw in bungy jumping and sky diving.
That would complete the adventures for the rest of August I would say. I only have a month left...
Till September, take care and enjoy your summer, no, abuse the rest of your summer!
© Tabytha Towe xox
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