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In which Tabythat goes to San Francisco and finds it er...'interesting'

Well I just returned back home to lovely Canada from San Francisco.
It was a very interesting trip,and for some reason when ever I go to describe it, interesting is always the first word to pop into my head. I wouldn't consider it so much as a vacation however, as it wasn't so relaxing. We spent much of our time walking,up those long streets and hills, carrying heavy backpacks with aching backs no less and sore feet in dehydration for hours on was fan-fucking-tastic.

I nearly killed myself one day when we started our journey from 7am till 10pm with the coverage of at least 30 miles. It doesn't sound too harsh but when your body turns into glue, it isn't that fun. Although we used public transit quite a bit I still nearly killed myself.

But how refreshing it is to explore while walking. It's hard to miss a damned thing. The true essence of a deeper look, despite how feeble your muscles are. I really thought that I would actually walk away with some money left. How naive could I possibly get? For the short while I was there, I managed to go through three months worth of work pretty much, I don't necessarily recall what I even spent my money on. But in the end,it was all worth while. I can't wait to plan my next trip. Perhaps I'll organise my budget this time. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience for me and very...interesting.

Now I knew I was expected to see a rather large gay community there, but when it seems as if the only straight men were tourists, you start to wonder about the appeal of men and women all together and question the theory of trendy. Dear Stefan (whom I still declare is not my boyfriend) was getting the eye a lot from guys who were cuter than me. In San Fran, Stefan was my
boyfriend. I'm extremely grateful I travelled with him and hope to furthermore in future. We get along so well. Even when we annoy or bore one another, we still find each other charming in some strange, tolerable way. I don't think we'll get sick of eachother for a long time. This trip, I feel, has brought us closer, although the committal concept still doesn't quite suit me yet.

In personal preference,I believe it's nearly better to have a non-boyfriend than to have an actual (idea of what) a boyfriend may be, hence, no label nor any of the package that comes with it; and if I could understand it fully myself, then I would explain it to you better. I just think we've reached the point where we are in that safe little comfort zone and we don't need to push it, either that or we are plain fools. What we have right now and that of which I do know for sure, is that what we have is such a free and beautiful thing together it may even seem rare. I'm not particularly intimidated by that thought to say the least.

Anyways,that's all for now,it's time to go back partying since I haven't for the past few months. By next entry I will have some more spice to it,as I am headed back to beloved,dreaded school also. Hopefully I'll have a new job and some juicy stories too. Till then, thanks for reading.
Take care,
© Tabytha 2001

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