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The International Writers Magazine - Our 25th Year: Dreamscapes Stories

An African Bride
Fisayo Talabi

She sat, legs crossed, staring at the menu. With the corner of her eyes, she watched Felix sip his glass of water as he looked through the menu too. Her heart pounded. Here she was on a date with Chief Elvis's son who had just returned from the United States. She had to be her best. Her mother had told her that Felix had returned to Nigeria in search of a wife to take back to Illinois.

When he still hadn't ordered, she decided to order first, from the chinese cuisine. He smiled, and ordered the same. She had a little difficulty trying to make herself tolerate the reaction the food had on her appetite, but she had to play the perfect finishing school product for Felix. Through the drive home, she did less of the talking. She'd been taught that only 'empty barrels make the loudest noise.' At the cinemas, she watched him express himself in reckless laughter as they watched the comedy. She wanted to laugh too but 'a lady ought not be too loud.'

Day 2.
They went on another date to a big restaurant at Lagos-airport road. Felix, just like the previous day, waited for her to order from the menu first. She ordered French Fries and grilled chicken. He ordered Amala and Ewedu soup with Gbegiri and stock fish; the exact Nigerian meal. She looked stunned. She loved the fries but was aching for his meal. She watched him eat with a long lost African passion! And this awakened the spirit within her.

Day 6
She came over to his apartment, and he couldn't deny the sparks she sent within him. She was a beautiful woman and she just was the perfect wife for him. He decided there could have been no better woman when she suggested cooking his dinner. For sure, his stomach was seriously growling. He was more than glad to be in Nigeria. This would be a huge difference from returning after work and settling for a big burger or steak or pizza.
"Baby, dinner's served!" she called from the kitchen. He opened the plate and saw a mass of spaghetti and sausages.

Day 10
Felix was getting ready to return to Illinois. He decided he was going to make his proposal to her. He bought a ring and drove down to her house. She was watching t.v alone. Her parents were out. Swiftly, he hugged her and slid the ring in her finger. "So, Iyabo, when do we plan our date?"

Theodora was furious. First, her name was Theodora. She hated her native name; Iyabo. Secondly, that was the wrong way to propose and a lady never appears desperate.
"I don't expect that was a proposal. What's wrong with the bended knee?" she snapped.

One look at her and the disgust rose within him, but he went ahead to make the proposal on his bended knee.
She said she wanted a Spanish wedding, and she definitely was not having a 'local' traditional wedding.

Wedding day.
The bride is supposed to be the centre of attention on the day of the wedding, isn't it? Well, she sure was. Theodora looked as beautiful as an angel to all but Felix. He looked at her hair extensions, her well made up face, her beautiful white wedding dress...
He longed for his African bride but all he saw here was an African-American woman, who couldn't even cook local meals.
"I don't."
Felix's response to the Priest's marital question sent Theodora into a big blackout and she fell flat on the floor.
"I came in search of an African wife, but all I have here is a Non-African! I can't have this for a wife."

© Fisayo Talabi. 18 08.09
Fisayo was born 1989 and is a law graduate in Nigeria.
fisayotalabi at

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