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The International Writers Magazine: Life Issues

Wisdom; in Reach … Hard to Grasp
Michael Levy
Science has yet to define the meaning of wisdom in scientific terminology. Maybe they require some type of clever or mathematical proof wisdom exists? Perhaps clever humans may not at this time be able to use their sophisticated minds to determine the meaning of wisdom, however perhaps we can explore the difference between a clever mind and a mind that can embody wisdom.


A clever mind possesses the ability to learn knowledge, skills, logic and reasoning, then to perform some or all of them in a brilliant, amazing manner, for good or evil deeds. Two examples of devilish cleverness are 9-11 and Enron. Both were conduced by very clever minds for evil deeds. One followed religious ideology doctrines to legitimize their acts for their followers. The other found greed and power was all they required, so they used their cleverness to rob millions of innocent people. Many other lesser known detrimental deeds are performed daily all around the world by cunning and conniving cleverness that Lacks any trace of wisdom.
On the other side of the coin, two examples of a clever mind are; a conjurer who can perform amazing tricks and a person who can invent a computer or software that can change every day life for most people on earth. Both clever deeds are initially performed for the benefit of humanity; however, a conjurer only entertains, whereas the application and use of computers can be used for evil deeds by a clever minded person lacking wisdom.
Wisdom holds the capacity to distinguish between authentic meaning and erroneous meaning, which translates into the adaptiveness to live joyfully in a constantly changing world. Wisdom feeds purity of thought and cannot ever be used for evil intent, for if it is attempted to be used with a person’s cleverness for evil or unsound deeds, it ceases to be wisdom. The education system teaches students how to read, write and add-up sums. It does not teach them how to apply wisdom with their education because clever people cannot teach wisdom... Wise people will admit they cannot teach it, however they can, by example teach others a more meaningful way to live. In Management, as in every facet of life, a person needs to possess certain qualities to function in a significant manner. Credibility, Dependability, Gratitude and honestly are trademarks of sound management that is fed by wisdom.
The human thought process is complex and to be able to find the way through the erroneous maze of conflicting opinions we need to become aware of the thinker of the thought and who or what is programming it…
Ten Wisdom In-dicators For The Thinker of The Thought
• In-ception - to begin in a state of blissfulness
• In-sulation - to place in a protected condition shielded from the devil/ego
• In-stallation - to put in place for service for the good of humanity
• In-itiation - admission into a knowledge zone of intelligence that feeds authentic wisdom
• In-dwell - to live within the soul of universal insights
• In-vestment - placing time in a safe appointment of love & joy
• In-definable -definable only by spirit
• In-deed - To enact kindly deeds
• In- stillation - to put silence slowly into the psyche of the mind
• In-sure - to live with truth rather than opinion.
Wisdom's characteristics can contain, balance, insights, intuition, experience, spirituality, logic, reason, knowledge, skills, science, religion, prudence, judgments, ethics, morals, virtues, feelings, sensibility, however it is not governed, restricted or limited by any of them individually. It thrives on truth in intelligent minds and many times is thwarted and isolated in oblivion by intellectually programmed clever minds.  It is said, a wise tongue knows when to speak and when to stay silence. Unfortunately, for many clever people, their wisdom has a silent communication overwrought by a loud knowingness of sophisticated thought.
In essences wisdom has no academic or literal meaning, for like faith, a person knows it if they have it and if it is genuine wisdom it will steer them on a path of contented, absolute bliss, for every second they spend on earth. A person who receives wisdom in their thoughts can only guide by the example they set and the credibility of the life they live. By example, people with wisdom stand the test of time. Every baby on earth is born with wisdom dancing in every cell and molecule of its being. It can only be hidden by a clever mature mind (ego) that has forgotten the keys to wisdom's treasures.
 “Wisdom is surrounded by everyone's point of view."

 © Michael Levy Jan 2012

Michael Levy is a world leader on the philosophy of truth and wisdom. His ten inspirational books have never been marketed for Levy feels authentic works will eventually find their place in humanity by word of mouth. His works do not follow any past or present philosophers.  

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