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Just the night before writing this article, I was struck by something astounding: the worst propaganda in this country (yes, folks, America) is the notion that one is either liberal or conservative. There is no room for pleading, bargaining or thinking for oneself.


All of that is a lie, and an injustice. It occurred to me that one can be politically liberal and privately conservative (meaning at home or in private affairs).

In an earlier article, I made brief mention about being liberal and conservative, as it was in my youth. Being politically liberal and privately conservative is no lie, no hypocrisy, no trick. At home, when I was growing up, that is exactly what we all were: publicly liberal, privately conservative. Each grew and thrived on the other.

So what did this mean in my house? It meant that we were concerned for liberty, justice, equal civil rights, fair due process ("As opposed to Punch-and-Judy due process", my dad used to growl). We wanted all people to benefit equally, without, as my mother used to say, "All of us being poor together... like those stupid Socialists!". Well, I don't care much for Socialists or the philosophy- but that's what I mean. Liberals are almost automatically branded SOCIALIST by any flaming conservative who gets his jollies tormenting fair-minded people. My parents were very keen on seeing an end to racism. They never got to see it.

At the same time, there were politically motivated acts and even agendas in the liberal sphere that my parents did not appreciate. Though my parents hated Sen. Joe McCarthy with all their hearts, they still felt that communism could be a very real danger in our government. Turns out both sides were partially right; communist plots were brewing in isolated parts of the U.S. government, and the Russians were behind it. There were American Communist and Socialist Party members out on the streets. My parents hated them too.

The point my folks made at the time is that a watchdog for the people- the peoples' elected representative- had to be fair and act according to his constituents' wishes. One need only listen to fools like Sen. Rick Santorum or Justice Antonin Scalia to know what the proper definition of "egotistical fascist" must be. My mother would have cursed Santorum with all her might. Yet some of the things Santorum sometimes advocates are things my mother would have understood and affirmed.

The title of this piece says "Air America". (Link here) That's the new liberal radio station, and I listen to it. Though it consists mostly of hot air, with only Al Franken making any good sense, I still listen. Franken's biting comments and deep thoughts are just up my alley. Yet there is also a woman on Air America, some screaming weirdo who recently insulted Ralph Nader on the air, forced him to hang up the phone in anger, and afterwards she simply kept screaming. She is an idiot, and she doesn't speak for me. Someone I enjoy watching is Chris Matthews on MSNBC- maybe conservative, but not as much as one might think. He gives self-proclaimed liberals a real chance to answer.

It has occurred to me that there are no conservatives or liberals. There are just people. All the same, all human, some less than others, but here we are, and we have to live together! I'll never forget seeing some Canadian teens on a documentary. They lived in a small town, and were asked what idea they had of American life. They said Americans must all have guns and must be shooting at each other, just like in the Westerns. These kids said violent America frightened them. I never felt so ashamed of being an American as I did at that moment. I wish more people had seen these innocent Canadian teens talking fearfully about life in the United States, a life they personally had never lived or seen. They got their impressions from American news and tv shows.

If my count is correct, this article will be my 79th here at "Hackwriters"! Congrats to me. A fine cigar is in order. In all the years I've been writing here, I've had a loyal following of about three readers (if I count that "good old boy", Dan Schneider). It amazes me that I still get emails about the first ten articles I wrote- and nothing else. Every time I answer an email, I try to get the folks to read my other work. All in vain.
They must be conservatives!
© Rev Dr Antonio Hernandez July 2005
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