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Editors From Hell.
Michael Levy.

In today's world a writers lot is far from a happy one. But it does not have to be that way.
There are a few editors who become drunk with their illusionary grandeur. They are very insecure in their own mind and find a need to either ignore or give sharp responses to writers submissions that hit the nail on the head.

Some editors have a certain theme in mind, with pre-conceived ideas of an article. When an article comes their way that conveys differing points of the subject matter and hits them in the ribs, many times they will give an offensive off hand response. Some even accuse the writer of Spam and threaten to report them if they submit again.

A few editors will only except snail mail submissions in an age of high tech ingenuity that ease life's past asperities of communication. Their apparent ignorance of modern technology is only enacted to extend their own self importance...... A sure sign of an inferiority complex.

There can be no excuse for rudeness and disrespect for a persons creativity. Any editor who bites the hand that feeds them, will, in time, lose their job and probably assist their magazine into liquidation.

A writers creativity is the life's blood of any magazine, newspaper or journal. A good editor will give the readership a three hundred and sixty degree image of any chosen theme. The editors who limit the magazine to the views to their own personal perceptions of life, only gives a tunnel vision view of any chosen topic.
Rivalry is fierce amongst magazines eager to capture the biggest subscriber base. Since they rely on advertisers to keep them financially sound, many times they will slant articles in favor of advertisers products. An appropriate example of dishonesty has become paramount in a few alternative health magazines who now promote pharmaceutical drugs.

Many other examples of fragrant slanting of the truth abounds in many magazines and newspapers. Are the editors under orders from the directors of the companies, or do they have a free hand in what they choose to publish? I guess the veracity 'lies' blowing in the wind.

A writer who enjoys writing will overcome all obstacles put in their way. A writer should always speak their verities when being snubbed by offensive editors. The editors are only paid employees doing a job of work. If they need chastising, the writer should make sure they go deep enough (without being rude) to make the editor realize they need to change their ways or live a life of "if only's."

In the long run, after their magazine has folded, they will have a long time to consider their mistakes (prevention is the best cure). So, you are doing them a big favor by pointing out their inexperience.

Of course most editors are fair minded and do an excellent job. But, should you run into an editor from hell don't back off...tell them the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....So help you "Bruce."

Faint heart never won fair maiden (or tight butt man servants) So, my message to all writers is...... Give 'em all you've got and then find some more ... and more ... and more ... ad-infinitum. Whilst you enjoy every letter of any article you write remember..... Live by the spirit of the word, not the letter of word.

© Michael Levy June 2003
Ft Lauderdale

An Editor responds:

I can see why Mr. Levy hates editors. I suspect his submissions to magazines have been returned with all grammatical and punctuation errors marked in red! I thought the numerous mistakes (I'm far too busy to list them all, but not understanding how to form a plural possessive is one and failure to have a pronoun agree with its antecedent is another) were deliberate and intended for irony. Then, I checked out Mr. Levy's web site and discovered that his regular writing contains the same errors. No wonder we professors and editors grow old and wrinkled worrying about the state of the English language when a supposed professional writer can get away with such sloppy text. Shame on you Mr. Levy! Any tenth grade high school student knows better than this. Prof. Lois Armes Lawrence, retired.
Lois Armes Lawrence, a.k.a. Virginia Lee


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