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Tales From New York City
Sam North

New York

• The Samaritan on 32nd Street

• New York Virgin

• Twenty-One - A New York Love Story

• New York in Summer

The Day My Sister Came To Call

Magenta MAGENTA by Sam North (Kindle only)
A mysterious, tragic tale from the wilds of the Lincolnshire coast – a haunting story about father and his runaway daughter more

See Magenta flee the fire to sleep under the stars
Meet Anya, the girl who reads objects
Find Mika, the wild boy who feeds the fishes
Discover Leon, the dead man searching for a daughter

‘Long after my tears dried, my heart stayed with Magenta, Starfish Boy and the strange girl who read objects.’ CT 
DIAMONDS - The Rush of '72 by Sam North
ISBN 13: 9781411610880
Publisher 289 pages paperback

also available on iTunes or Kindle & Amazon

Diamonds - The Rush of '72’
is a bold and ambitious western, telling the true story of the long-forgotten diamond rush in California in the 1870's. The story follows the progress of the two world-weary Kentucky prospectors, Philip Arnold and John Slack, who lay claim to the first American Diamond Fields. The two men walk into a bank in San Francisco one morning to deposit a sack of diamonds in its vault, and this sets in motion a story that focuses the attention of the world upon them and San Francisco.
Prof Graham Attenborough writes:
Sam North's novel, though written in a light hearted style, explores the dark heart of the American Dream. Its main characters are all real historical actors and the story which unfolds actually happened and is a great example of rigorous research. I enjoyed this story very much. American History brought to true life.

Sam North

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