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hackwriters fiction
The International Writers Magazine: Dreamscapes- First Chapter

A Life
• Icedawan
Yun Xi worked at a small foreign company, although not pretty enough to attract men's eyes, as the only female in office, she enjoyed other colleague’s care. Her life is limited.  Home, office, home, office, sometimes she just goes out and makes some simple shopping from time to time. It's not much.


She took part in several match maker activities which were arranged by relatives, but not successfully. Days passed and one day, she saw there was a match activity advertisement in the newspaper.  She tried again and this time, she wasn’t disappointed by the result.

The match activity was in the park.  A biggest park in the city where she'd been so many times before, but never expected it could hold so many young singles. The staff allocate a number for each individual, if both of them are satisfied with chatting, the staff will give them detailed information. Yun Xi's number is 59.  She wandered in the park river, shamed for chatting with an unknown man, she started to regret joining such match activities.
Suddenly, a voice stops her .
“Miss, may I join your walking?"
She looked up, a tall young man stands before her, an honest face and small eyes.  She nodded her head and replied with low voice, "Yes."
Well, she can't remember who told her before that marriage is karma, but she did believe it.  She never trusted to fall in love at first sight, but she trusted her eyes that this man was good enough to be her husband.  

Since both are mature persons, and not young, the marriage issue was soon put on table.
Yun Xi is a local city girl, while her future husband May Feng comes from another smaller city.  Comparing Yun Xi’s high salary, May Fengs' are more or less, only half of Yun Xis'.  Yun Xi doesn’t care about it, but being a man, May Feng’s dignity is deeply hurt by this fact.

May Feng's parents are quite happy for this marriage, while Yun Xi's mother feels a little unsatisfactory with the future son-in-law.  She always hoped Xun Xi could find a local man to marry.  "He's not handsome enough to match our Xiao Xi." She told her husband.  Xun Xi insisted it was her choice.
The marriage was simple, only some relatives and colleagues joined and cheered it.  They bought a new apartment.  Spending most of their savings, they would still have the burden of a heavy bank loan.

One evening, nearly one month after they married.  Yun Xi watched her favorite TV soap.  May Feng suddenly opened his mouth .
“Xiao Xi, I want to work abroad to earn more money.” He said.
“What ?” Yun Xi’s attention slowly drew back from the TV.
“Yes, there’s a chance I can work abroad to make more money if you don’t mind.” May Feng said.
“Who introduce that idea?” Yun Xi asked, caught by surprise.
“A friend of mine showed me a newspaper advertisement.  I investigate it, it should be OK.” May Feng added.
Yun Xi didn’t make any comments as her mind churned.
“If you have no objection, I plan to borrow some money from my friends for the agent fee.” May Feng said.
“You already made the decision?” Yun Xi asked.
“Yes.” May Feng replied with low voice.  He did not dare to look into Yun Xi’s eyes. They were still on honeymoon ....
“If you've already made your decision, there's no need to discuss it with me!” Yun Xi said, shocked and angry.  She has no interest to watch TV soaps anymore. Her husband will throw her off and work abroad in the future.
“Xiao Xi, you know I have to do that.  We have a heavy bank loan, our whole life will be buried by that.  I am a man, I have responsibility for that!  I only want to go for two years." May Feng blurted out with a miserable voice.
“Two years sounds easy, do you know what will happen during two years?" Yun Xi replied, her tears in full flow now.
“I know it's very very hard for you, but I have no choice, Yun Xi.  You must understand me." May Feng murmured.  He tried to persuade Xun Xi, but clearly knew it was all in vain.

That night, nobody slept well. Yun Xi's pillow was totally soaked with bitter tears.

© Icedawan July 2012

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