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Alien v Predator Requiem
J A Laraque

If I had to describe Alien vs. Predator Requiem in one word that word would be ‘dark.’ The story starts off where the first one left off with the scene on the Predator ship where the new hybrid (half Predator half Alien) comes bursting out for its close up. Unfortunately, after that we are treated to a series of dark shots showing the now fully grown creature tears through the ship and the other Predators on board.

Not long after that the ship comes crashing down into a forest in Colorado. One good thing is we are treated to a quick glimpse of the Predator world. (At least that’s what I thought it was.) There another Predator picks up a distress signal (Do Predators send distress signals?) and makes his way towards earth.

Just don’t expect him to be humanity’s savior because this Predator has no problem cutting (and skinning) through humans to get to his prey including using them for bait. I guess you are wondering why I have not mentioned any of the human characters. Well that is because, honestly, they are very forgettable. Yes, it is true we have Reiko Aylesworth from "24" and Pasquale from "Rescue Me," but there really wasn’t much to them.

I honestly didn’t find myself caring about their story or even their fate. My main concern was when I would get to see some clear lighted shots of the action. It seemed as if every reason to film in almost complete darkness was used. From a dark forest to a sewer then knocking out the power to the town at night just seemed a bit to convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all bad. There were a few cool fight scenes and the way some of the humans were taken out was pretty cool (you know, for human suffering and death and all). There were also so funny moments and situations that gave you a chuckle in-between all that darkness.

I’m new to this whole reviewing thing so I just tell it how I see it. I rate a movie passed on a scale of how much of what I paid the movie was worth. Well, a movie with skinny dipping teens, life or death choices and Alien-infested hospital and a "bright" ending with a twist were worth five of the seven-fifty I paid to see this movie. Alien vs. Predator Requiem is a decent popcorn flick, but take my advice and bring your night vision goggles.
J A laraque Jan 2008

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