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The International Writer's Magazine - Winter 2008 - Welcome
Happy New Year to all our readers- 2008 will be quite a ride
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Cutting the pages
Eric D Lehman

Having taken a walking holiday in England, I happened across Afoot in England by W H Hudson

I left my heart in Lebanon
Sophia Akram
‘Baksheesh' the boy said.

Hong Kong Dash
Tabytha Towe in Hong Kong

Hot, exciting, heaving, moving, different.
The Benefits of Warm Sake
Tony Alexander

This winter, as you pour warm sake into her belly button, reflect upon the moment

Let Sleeping Dogs Thai
Tabytha Towe
- update
Every dog you see here are either lying on the ground dehydrated and too hot to move, or either scavenging for food.
Tab in Ko Chang.
Baseball Through the Looking Glass
James Campion -
Hypocrisy in the Mitchell Report
You say Tomato + Zappa
Dean Borok
Don’t tell me that American presidential politics hasn't entered the Twilight Zone

Mitt Romney:
James Campion
The voice of enlightenment?
Bloomberg in China
Dean Borok
Bloomberg to challenge Hillary?
Winter of Malcontent 2008

As the dollar falls expect a global political shift.
Interview with Free Burma Rangers by Antonio Graceffo
“If I get discouraged, I can go home, but the Karen tribe cannot.”

Countdown to Pay Dirt
Iowa Caucuses Loom For GOP & Dems James Campion
Compassion In Action
Krista Rausin
I never imagined that my beautiful daughter would one day be in a wheelchair

To Laugh and To Weep
Bruce Rutherford

I haven’t talked to anyone of advanced age who thinks they're old

Kitchen Wisdom by Simon Bishop
Having friends over, need to know how to provide for a vegetarian?
The Rise of Women Power
James Skinner
The century of female power??
Are you Websafe?
Holly Christodoulou
Is that really you out there?

Is Christmas Shopping Evil?
Lisa Timmerman

The idea of actively searching for new things to buy for people that don’t need anything is really kind of sick.

Recipes for Life
Kunal Ghose - Pantry Raider
According to my mother I came out screaming "Hungry!" When pondering my insatiable appetite for things I can put in my mouth

Aby Davis

A small island poised above masses of red hot rock, straddling the north American plate.

Cumberland Gap
Ari Kaufman
Come for a two-day road trip into Scenic Kentucky and experience the rare beauty of this State.

Brian H. Appleton

Welcome to a palazzo in Antignano
Croatia - discovered
Natalya Popova
I do like going back to Croatia in my thoughts

Round Trip to Hel
Anita Sheard

I can honestly say that I have been to Hel, and back. I went by train; an old black steam train to be precise.

Puerto Plata more than beaches
Habeeb Salloum

Sosúa,on down the coast is somewhat different. The town and its beach have developed into a resort that is ideal for self-sufficient travellers.

Simon Bishop

We all know, and most of us love, Google. It is by far the most visited website in the world.

Soul Searching: Why Not Clones?
Michael Levy

Most people looking for success on planet earth with only a physical self-image of who they believe themselves to be

The Customer isn't always right
J A Laraque
Have you ever been somewhere such as a store or a bank and someone in front of you is getting all loud and making a scene about something that is completely their fault?

Borderlines 2008
A Literary Spark
Submit for our anthology
Life Lessons from Cinema
James Skinner
Hollywood has been advising us for years on the frailty of mankind and the injury humanity inflicts upon the rest of the life on the planet.
The Ali Tal interview
Dr Marwan Asmar
'If I am not honest about my feelings, I don’t think I’ll be honest about my writings. When I sit in my study,I see the Golan Heights, and the hills of northern Jordan'.
Reality Bites: Big Brother Culture
Alana Hebenton
The 21st century can be defined as a mass media society where people are obsessed with celebrity

Not Pregnant Enough
Juliana Perry

I hurried through the mud room and out onto the porch, nearly sashaying my pregnant self right off the deck on an inch of solid ice.

Chinese modes of transport
Paul Haire
There are many different modes of transport in China which the foreign traveler can use ranging from the luxurious to the downright dirty.

A Letter to Mr Bush
Colin Todhunter

Sat down and wrote Mr Bush a letter
REVIEWS Books & Film
Original Shorts
Kings of Leon
Aby Davis review

On the 10th of December 2007, the Kings of Leon opened their Birmingham NIA set in a burst of yowling voice and raunchy guitar.

… Don’t call me baby by Laurie Depp
Alana Hebenton

Don’t call me baby creates a realistic teenage voice with is use of contemporary cultural references to ‘Hello’ magazine and celebrities like David Beckam,

An Artist Of The Floating World, by Kazuo Ishiguro
Dan Schneider
Kazuo Ishiguro's 1986 novel, An Artist Of The Floating World, which won that year's Whitbread Prize, may be a great novel

Moll Flanders, by Daniel Defoe (1722)
Daniel Alves

Moll Flanders tells us everything that could not be spoken about in the eighteenth century. Pretending to be factual truth, this novel explores the taboos of the time.
Call Me Elizabeth
by Dawn Annandale
Emma King review

A story of abuse, rape, prostitution, marriage, money and family values, there are few issues Call Me Elizabeth doesn’t explore.

Heaven's Eyes by David Almond
Holly Bates Review
This mysterious and intriguing tale of "damaged child" Erin Law’s adventures with her friends is haunting and fantastically original.

Best & Worst Movies of 2007
Hackwriters makes the list

The Golden Compass
Directed by Chris Weitz
Sam North review

'Brilliant. Mrs Coulter is truly evil. The Bear battles are terrifying, the daemons are just wonderful - Lyra is a tough little cookie. Roll on 'Subtle Knife'.
All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)
Directed by Lewis Milestone
Russ Thomas

Few films can boast relevance to all eras. All Quiet On The Western Front, a 1930 screen adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's novel– written from a German perspective – is one of these films.
Pride and Prejudice (BBC 1995)
Director: Simon Langton
Emma King
Out of all the historical fiction out there, my favourite has to be the 1995 BBC’s six hour adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
Star Wars: A New Hope
Dir. George Lucas
Robert Hillum
1977 was a good year to be a geek. If there were a moment in time I would travel back to, this would be it.
Perfume: A Story Of A Murderer
Director: Tom Tykwer
Aby Davis
The opening sequence of Perfume: A Story Of A Murderer stinks. I mean, it almost literally smells. Which is probably the affect director Tom Tykwer was after
Deus Ex
Developed by Ion Storm
Jack Clarkson
"Deus Ex" is the first half of the Latin saying, "Deus Ex Machina", God from the machine. Nowadays it’s the term for a plot device in which something comes along and just makes everything better like some kind of narrative Chuck Norris.

The Jon Courtney Grimwood Interview
by Aby Davis

His passion is evident in this desire to get the English Language a star on the Magical Realist walk of fame.
Seeing Nothing
Linda Regan

Most nights Albert was distracted from his television or radio listening because of the outbursts of fighting in the grounds below.

A Long Night in the Old Town.
Robert Hillum
She would be there on the stage singing a slow 30’s croon in a harsh rasping voice that aches with sexual desire. A red dress maybe, tight and close to the skin,
Lisa Timmerman

Stories. I used to think they are a part of this world, of reality. Now I realize they are only a means to make you feel better or worse about yourself
Southsea Sundays 1907
Laura Patrica
Every Sunday, after lunch, Donald Wickens called at 211 Albert Road for Miss Hattie.

Salt, Mustard, Vinegar
Tony Southport

Salt, Mustard, Vinegar, Pepper the chants of the children drifted over from the school playground like a distant echo from another age.
The Son Is Crying
Max Slachter

I have some happy memories of train journeys. They are of slow trips into the city during school break with my mother...

The Perrita, The Darkest Man
J Alan Billstrom

The Yuma did not bring a guitar with him to Cuba because he wanted to buy a Cuban cigar

Chopping Block
Marc Cunliffe

"That was fantastic," she said, pleasing Guy immensely."Much better than last time."

Ambulance Chaser
Greg Jacob
  “DOA.”  Jim stated flatly.  “No need to rush.  We have to wait for CSU to finish before we can go in."

Paradise Lost
Des Daly
in Paraquay
We arrived a little early for Theo’s party and were shown into an ante-room that led off from the highly polished marbled floored hallway
Still Life
Mark Robinson - survivor
And the skies above the City bleed down upon the earth its overcast haze. Quiet below, sinking beneath the mist, a stale darkness pervades. With streets aloof, atom-bomb atonic.
Red flashing twelve o’clocks light a humming wave of out-of-order signs and sequential blinking green men below the anodised phosphorescent burn of street lighting.
Ghostal Regions

Dean Borok

(Extract from Symphony of Fear)
The world of dreams is an eternal infinite universe inside each person... driven by the unformed expression of neurotic impulses and sexual repressions of the dreamer

Tiger By the Tail
Mark Cunliffe

He ran as fast and as hard as he could but there was no escaping the fact that he was a dead man racing towards an early grave

Bakery Story
Mark Swann

Where the hell did those bastards come from? Other people? Dead people? Lost animal souls looking for a new burrow? Combinations of these perhaps. Oh well. How deep is the well? Deep, not deep enough for some people
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Lactose Intolerance
Ross Merriam

Mitch is always going on about how much he hates his job and how much he wants to leave.

The true price of cheap meat
Asta Audzijoynte

Meat has become a ubiquitous part of our diet. In the last thirty years global meat production has nearly doubled and will increase drastically.

The Golden Compass
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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