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The International Writers Magazine: Anthology Submissions

BORDERLINES 2008 - A Literary Spark

Borderlines is an annual literary anthology published in the early summer by the University of Portsmouth. 

This year, our second year of production, we are looking for a variety of engaging, creative and well-crafted manuscripts and artwork to reflect the international community that has come to embody our university.  Not all of our contributors need be students or staff of the university, however.  Once published, Borderlines '08 will be available for purchase online and internationally.

Our categories for this year are:
- Short shorts.  Fast-paced, to the point, and under 1,000 words.
- Travel writing.  Bring the mundane to life or the exotic into our reading nooks.  You're not even required to have travelled farther than the nearest market: just tell us how a place changes the protagonist.  Word limit is 5,000.
- Poetry.  Angst, love, passions, dreams - let your words take flight in the songs of poetry.
- Novel extracts.  Got a good first chapter?  Send it!
- "Flights of Whimsy."  Strange or unusual writings . . . you tell us.
- Art.  Photography, photo essays, or sketches.  Let your pictures burn themselves in the minds of our readers.  Sorry, we will only be able to publish black & white images in this issue.

Our new and last deadline is 5th February 2008 and you can send as many stories/poems/artwork as you wish, for as many categories as you wish.  We do reserve the right to assign submissions into categories as we see fit.  We'll get back to you in under six weeks, though we do expect it to be shorter than that.  Please note that all work must be original and unpublished, and if you need to send us something as a paper copy, please e-mail us and we'll give you an address.  If we accept your work for publication, we will ask for a short one paragraph biography and a photograph (it does not necessarily need to be recent). 

We are prevented by University policy to present any remuneration for published works.  We will be certain to treat your work with the care and respect it deserves, and will publish it in a handsome anthology if accepted. 

*We prefer word.doc documents and not docx - if you have the very latest version of word, please save it down to a previous version a .doc attachment.

Unanswered questions?  Send us an e-mail (we'll respond much quicker than six weeks).
Please feel free to pass this call for submissions to anyone you know who wants to get published and loves to write the kind of stories we're looking for. 

Submissions to: Borderlines08 'at'

Ryan Sirmons
One of the editors
Borderlines '08
The Literary Spark at the University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Hampshire
United Kingdom
Stories are everywhere.  Tell yours.


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