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The International Writers Magazine - Our 22nd Year: Philosophy

Madness and the Valuation of And
Chris Roberts

This writing of mine is not an essay, not a subjective espousal nor is it a philosophical musing. It defies definition, deftly evades categorization and will put lastingly before the reader And’s derivative value.

The fundamental two truths of And. First, I will say, that it is so entirely crystal clear to me. But I will provide a valuation of And for the edification of the neophyte; it’s power lies in its use in the beginning of any written form or verbalization as illustrated below. Also as a delineating marker in its pure form, only to be used by that population immersed in the duality of the sub-conscious and conscious mind. These truths will eradicate the heretofore valuation and use of And. It is meant as a starting point mechanism, inclusive too, of the delineating set pattern. The following paragraph is an example of the totality of And, when used to start any and all sentences.

The First Truth of And

And I will be the first to acknowledge that I am mad. And I am supreme dementia. And every form and diagnosis and every schizophrenic association of the cognitive mind and every outburst of flame in the words of a schizophrenic and every grandiose height of soprano song of this beautifully wracking affliction. And I am bi-polar and the impossible heightened sensation of being alive and the non-stop imagination and the insane rush of rapid thoughts and action and I am the empty shell of feelings and the desperate candle that flickers low and in constant danger of the fatal wind of suicide that in its joy howls relentless and is successful in turning off the light in its greed.

And I am always in this and all anorexic and a sociopath and hyperkinetic attention deficit disorder and every possible mood disorder and a-typical and affective and psychotic and amnesia and post traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder and night terror. And every known psychiatric condition and running in my veins every psychopharmacology. And every Thorazine and every Lithium and every Haldol and every Ritalin and every Valium and every and always Paxil. And every therapy. And every cold sheet pack and every sensory depravation and every electric shock treatment and every insulin shock. And every psychotherapy and every counting back to the cradle. And remember this in the history of the cosmos and its equally small universal universe and the planets like pins and on this earth there has been nor will there ever be insanity absolute none but mine.

And in the history of mankind no one living before me who has trodden ancient dust barefoot then sandaled then clattering in heavy armor then booted in leather and then in patent sole has been certifible they the whole lot are pretenders they are fakirs. And I alone am seriously disturbed. And no one now who walks on concrete walks on asphalt streets on steel bridges is unhinged. And the hectic pace and the hustle are nothing of the bedlamite they are poseurs. And dementia remains solely to me. And the acts of the non compos mentis I claim also. And no one in the furtherance of humankind as they will walk absent flesh and organs and walk skeletal feet in the age of ages through cemetery’s scalding mounds will ever be a lunatic. And future madness I claim also. And the land that is earth’s one-quarter surface I name AND every continent every mountain range every valley every cave every city every state every country every province every hill and every tunnel.

And nothing nobody no beast no insect no bird no plant no microorganism no grain of sand escapes my crazed sight. And I crumble in ecstasy with my bare hands all. And then to the other three-quarters of this planet’s surface the ocean the rivers the creeks the lakes the streams all forms of aquatic life every reef the surface of the sea’s floor I gather up in my arms and swallow it whole. And I am a non-existent planet and it is glory and it is emptiness and without it all I am gladly mad.

And you will notice in the preceding paragraph, my verity, the absence of punctuation, proper sentence structure and a repetitive stringing along of nouns. Adjectives are used loosely and can be considered stream of consciousness. But mostly to befall, not by chance, a specific image - its source - my veracity. The constant use of the supposed conjugation AND is done to illustrate the power of this word when used to start a thought, a sentence and to show the nothingness in every form used presently of AND by those referred to below.

By necessity I set forth this truth to educate and lastingly malign writers of the ilk that pound out scholarly papers, philosophers that stick to a dogma of theory, novelists that indulge in a prescribed school of expression, literary critics who in their whimsical, utterly subjective way are bought and sold according to the politics of reviewing, lexicologists who spout words and definitions and are confined in their self-made rigid jail and straight-laced, conservative newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. All of the above hang their hats on The Elements of Style and it is a crowded, rickety hat rack.

The denigration, devaluation and defamation afforded the use of AND to begin a sentence, novel, poem, short story, title, letter, thought, ad-infinitum, etc. by the above mentioned can all kiss my ass. And as the starting point in all expressions is the power. This is so because quantitative research holds that correlation does not imply causation. This Fundamental principle follows from a truth that it is always possible that a spurious relationship exists for variables between which covariance is held to some degree. In probability theory, covariance is the measure of how much two random variables vary together. In equating these variables I find in the instance of And used to begin all of the above mentioned, the variable And is above its expected value as opposed to its expected use, which is below its expected value. The covariance between these two variables is deemed negative in probability theory and in this case the negativity being And’s expected use, thus it follows a higher value is placed on And to begin all. Therefore the value based derivative of And when used in their terms of a conjugation is absolutely without worth. And as a connective grammatical delineation marker is of value to but one class of people. There use of it is dealt with in the following Truth. When made use of it by those mentioned above, it is a trifling device – a transparent artifice. I loathe these people. That said I take the aforementioned crowd down to Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell, where Satan stands hip-deep in a frozen lake, himself frozen, much like the group that accompany me, their minds atrophied imagination subjugated to Satan’s realm. Here is their eternity.

The Second Truth of And

The schizophrenic mind in its pure disparate emotive referencing, works the true value of And to its natural beginnings. This is so when used as the dividing line between thoughts, verbalizations or writings. The value And hangs in their psyche a free-floating opposability that can be manipulated uniquely via biological properties that are solely owned by the schizophrenic. All that is the power of And is theirs. The way a schizophrenic makes use of the value of And – its denotation in this case being the supremacy to make And the delineating value - is now classified by me as Myriad Syndrome. That is, the myriad range of emotions expressed by the patient in a single sentence – their disparate display. Now this Syndrome is inclusive of all schizophrenic patients that are diagnosed and framed within the clockwork of present - need to be met – criteria with the caveat that the disease has been inaccurately documented within the psychiatric field. Seminally, I will set forth three manifestations of schizophrenia. Taken together they definitively aggregate the affect demonstrated throughout the schizophrenic population.

The three are Delusional Recourse, Reality Propagation and Hallucinatory Idolization. All run willful in my typing of the disease. I state that these three symptoms maintain specific typing affect values. Inherently, these symptomatic displays are demonstratively keyed emotions that are intricately woven into what I signify as; The And Factor. This And Factor being the set meridian, derivative set, of the schizophrenic in all three states referred to above. Each state works its disparate values to the end which results in a three-dimensional, singular truth. That is to say the melding of two different thoughts is just that – a cognitive combination that realizes the processing through which at the end state, the patient has achieved a fully legitimate, logically based, thought end value.

Now I state that schizophrenia is not a thought disorder, neither in its primary diagnosis nor in its sub-typing. I will prove my statement through use of case grammar defined as grammatical system. Thought is a past participle of the main verb think. The past participle thought by definition expresses itself as a completed action. Through use of a theoretical case grammar equation, thought itself has died in the schizophrenic, thus eradicating the ability to think in the patient. But this is not so. Thought the noun reduces think to a transitive verb, lower case. The predicate verb think inversely becomes thought in the schizophrenic due to the fact that the predicate verb think is now governed by thought, which is now the quantifier. This is the semantic relationship of think in regard to those who do not have the mental illness of schizophrenia and that of thought by those that are afflicted by this disease. My innovative formulation through the use of grammatical system cancels out any existence of non-thought in the schizophrenic. The use of grammatical system furthers it valuation mathematically; that the predicate verb think inversely causes a state of thought in the schizophrenic is validated by oppositely affected variables in which two variables in a mathematical relationship, thought and non-thought, where one variable increases – thought – and non-thought - decreases. Mathematically this equation is a formulation known as Inverse Variation. Organically it realizes and informs a level of activated cognitive logical processing attained naturally at points at infinity medically known to exist in the brain’s neurons. The proper diagnosis of all that is schizophrenia is that of an emotional disorder.

That said and proven, I will move on to the three manifestations of The Myriad Syndrome. Delusional recourse, symptomatic display; "I am the King of Scotland And." The patient feeling his or her identity lacking validation – low self-esteem – becomes, in reality’s emotion, the King. Flagrant verbal proclamations, physical affect such as walking about in a stately manner displayed by the patient run there course directly to And, The And Factor, the delineating value. Inherently, the Myriad Syndrome marker And is intricately demarcated by mood placement. In delusional recourse, the patient furthers the value of And by an equally grandiose end value; "I am the King of Scotland And on the Third Ring of Saturn, there burns fire." The patient again becomes in actuality the elemental properties of fire. Thus the patient’s disparate states of mood hinge on The And Factor, Myriad Syndrome displayed. That being the ability of the patient to use the delineating And Factor to conjoin two separate delusions to form a true value whole, thus And is the predominate amplifier, signifier set. Reality Propagation, symptomatic display; "The roses in the vase are multiplying And I swim all that is the range of the world’s warm oceans." Of course the roses are multiplying and the patient swims the currents of the sea. In this case, as in other experiences of reality propagation, The And Factor is the sensory valuation brought to bear by the schizophrenic. The five senses can be very pleasant or abjectly horrible, dependant of course on the patient’s free will choice of Reality Propagation. These fives senses inherently carry with them the DNA of emotions; to see a beautiful sunrise is to experience happiness, to hear a bomb go off unexpectedly nearby is to suffer fear. In this case, the patient’s emotive sensory values – the aroma (smell) of the increasingly growing multitude of flowers and the warmth (touch) of the swim are swung back and forth by the dead reckoning of The And Factor and thusly are mechanized in Reality Propagation. The schizophrenic’s sensory experience is manifestly valid, intrinsically realizing a sum total value. Hallucinatory Idolization, symptomatic display; "As a member of the Secret Service I placed myself in the path of a bullet meant for President John F. Kennedy And was resurrected on The Third Day." The patient in short sees his actions played out in reality’s exact time moment regarding being shot in the head. Being a member of the Secret Service is merely incidental, a device that enables him to be at the scene. The schizophrenic patient is not invested with the safety of Kennedy in any way, shape or form as a prescribed agent of government that must, in his job duties, lay down his life for the president. The patient does so in willing-up, the hallucination being a tangible connection to Kennedy. The idolization is a manifestation of The Myriad Syndrome more so then the hallucination, though the vision of Kennedy is inherently a marker of the syndrome. The patient displays numerable reasons and valuations in his idolization of the president – the list is incalculable.

That is exactly what The Myriad Syndrome is; an incalculable list generated by innumerable variables of reasoning. "And was resurrected on The Third Day." And delineates - with perfect beauty - the two disparate thoughts. At face value the rising up from death would be an extension of the schizophrenic’s fate as facilitated by the assassin’s bullet. But this is not so. The patient’s intent, as valuated by And, is a hallucinatory Jesus Christ that lived on earth unto the third day of infancy, died, then the patient is resurrected to live on as Jesus would have had he not died. What is important is that the patient as Jesus furthers his miraculous prowess via hallucinatory geographical omnipresence. That is to say the schizophrenic Christ is not limited to the laying on of hands to simply the borders of Judaea, Galilee and Jerusalem. He heals the world over and in doing so for the infirm he too is constantly healed. Thusly he evades the weight of the Cross, is idolized in his workings and teachings as a living breathing Jesus on earth - in perpetual.

The key is The And Factor; the patient as Jesus Christ must not be genuflected before by his believers in accordance to his Spirit, because this is an affront to the patient Jesus, as he never died. His Spirit is an abomination to the schizophrenic - as Christ - he is physically everywhere. The patient is a living, in the flesh hallucinatory being. The schizophrenic’s mobilization of Hallucinatory Idolization in his statement is a perfect marriage of Myriad Syndrome; the patient’s hallucinatory point-in- time death, in order to enjoin his idolization of Kennedy and the valuation afforded his becoming a Jesus Christ in body hallucination, who in turn, becomes the one idolized. The affects in this case display the endless depths of perfectly realized disparate emotions that form a complete singular truth, And delineation value.
To sum up, no, I rather not. Either you get it or you don’t. And…

© Chris Roberts, June 2009

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