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The International Writers Magazine: Childrens Reviews

Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi
Repent and be Saved. Or do the other thing
• Sam Hawksmoor
When an Angel turns bad she falls pretty hard. Sera is the Angel of Death who takes her role very seriously, helping people over and delivering those who won't repent to the River Styx. Arriving on time to take the soul of Marcus, a young gangsta in South London, something really weird happens - she falls in love. Ends up asking for an extension in order to get the boy to repent (which he refuses to do) and everything goes haywire from there on.


Well be careful what you wish for - Sera begins to question everything and Larry (an independent operator with more wiles than an insurance salesman) is on hand to encourage her (but watch out for the small print).

A fun read, pacy and set in a 'hood where death and revenge is a part of daily life. Angel Dust is hugely complex but Sarah Mussi has an excellent insight into the inner workings of heaven and although you know that Sera is being utterly foolish (Marcus is just not worth it girl) - you also know that an Angel smitten cannot change her mind - no matter what happens. Worth mentioning some other characters Kamuel an archangel and of course Larry, the most seductive of the lot.
© Sam Hawksmoor July 16 2012
Author of The Repossession & The Hunting

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