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••• The International Writers Magazine - 22 Years on-line - Review

Anti-Life (Breach)
• Sam North
Directed by John Suits and features Cody Kearsley and Bruce Willis it should come with a viewer warning for sheer ineptness and pathetic graphics.


I wish to register a complaint against Bruce Willis.  Please stop making crap movies.
There was a time when he was box office and one looked forward to seeing his movies.  Die Hard aside, there’s Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkey’s, Looper, 16 Blocks, even Hudson Hawk but after the excretable Hard Kill and now the excruciating Anti-life and upcoming Midnight in the Switchgrass and all his recent work going straight to VOD I suggest an intervention is proposed to prevent him agreeing to appear in anything for at least two years unless directed and written by Oscar winners.

Anti-Life on Netflix is a sub-par Alien rip-off movie with the most pathetic alien you ever saw, risible acting from the entire cast of nobodies, sloppy direction and sets and no ‘science’ behind it at all.  No one instantly wakes up from being put into suspended animation, for example. It rips off many far better movies. If these people are the future of the human race we most definitely are not worth saving.  It is entirely space garbage (they are after all the janitors in space). Filmed in someone's basement it has all the authenticity of Blake's 7 (an old 1978 British sci-fi TV series which featured sets that actually wobbled.) Better to watch Firefly series again. At least it was tongue in cheek and fun to watch.

If you are a fan of Bruce, don't watch. Write him a letter, send him money not to make any more movies for a while. Please.

May 4th 2021

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