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Violin in Paris
The Iron Lady and the Violin

Audrey Kelly
Music on the streets of Paris
Exiles from Cuba...
Ruby Weldon

We were standing on a dusty street corner in Celestun, a dozy and somewhat derelict village on the northern Gulf of Mexico side of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

under Paris
What Lies Beneath
Brett Longstaff in Paris

Not knowing really what to expect, I read the inscription upon the stone portal on entry; “Arrete, c’est  ici  l’empire de la mort.”
The Serai Kabini
Marianne de Nazareth

If you are a bird watcher and a wildlife enthusiast, look no further! The Serai Kabini is a cut above the rest for a weekend spent watching your feathered and furry friends.

Saudi-Iranian détente: Aiming for a new regional order
By Dr Marwan Asmar
New Power re-alignment in
The Wisconsin Story
James Campion
Protection of Women’s Reproductive Rights & The Marginalization of the GOP - What happened in Wisconsin wasn’t merely an election but a loud, booming, resonant call to action.
No Dancing in the Aisle on this Bus
Michael Chacko Daniels

“Seniors, wait till the bus stops before you get up to get off; every 19 minutes a senior dies in America from a fall,” the driver says.

Checklist org
Checklists Make Great Life Rafts

Isabelle Adler
Coping with Autism as an undergraduate

How Writing Is Good For Your Physical & Mental Health
Indiana Lee

Words are about more than just communicating with others; they’re about turning inward, connecting with your own mind, spirit, and body.

Climate Fiction Rules
Sam Hawksmoor

Flood, famine, storms, methane, species extinction, humanity at risk ...these are the tools of writers everywhere now. If you're not writing about the climate, you're not living in the real world.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Too Soon
J.A. Laraque
That flashing red light torments me. I’ve waiting been thirty seven years for this. What do I do?
Clarity after a Rainfall
Lauren Almey

As he headed in her direction...
5 Ways to Become a Great Writer
Jamie Ann

To become a great writer, you must embrace the power of imagination.
Moroccan kids
Surviving the Moroccan Bath

Sidi Benzahra
When I was six, or probably seven years old, my mom always took me and my sisters to the public bath. Whenever we built up a good thick layer of dirt on our skin, or had gone two weeks without washing for some reason or another, she would take us there.

The Earth Transformed
by Peter Frankopan -
An essential perspective on the last 5000 years and how climate has affected every single major event ...
Didactic Science through Art
Andres Botero

The Mexican muralist Diego Rivera
(1886-1957); his artistic production can be understood as being a giant classroom for all the public in which science played a fundamental rol
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith
Walt Bertelsen

Burning the Ugliness: It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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