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Mean Tide
Mean Tide by Sam North
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e-book get 25% off
'Extraordinary novel about
a child's psychic awakening'

'An engaging, unusual
& completely engrossing
Beverly Birch author of 'Rift'

The Curse of the Nibelung -
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
by Sam North

'Chocolate will never be the
same again'
- Sunday Express
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our 12th Year - August 2011 - Welcome
Travel stories & guides
Politics & Issues
Ways of living
Egypt: A Revolutionary Welcome
Romina de Oliveira

It was my first visit to an Arab country so I was a touch apprehensive, especially as I was a female travelling alone.
Capital culture in Bangkok
Jules Kay

The Bangkok International Festival of Dance & Music offers the capital's biggest and most comprehensive showcase of international performing arts.
Beach, Blanket, Gringo!
John M. Edwards in Roatan

In the Bay Islands of Honduras, John M. Edwards Snorkels on the Belize Barrier Reef Only 100 Meters from “Shore”— “Hey, Watch Out With That Machete!”
Morning Rain in Alberta
Mia Efantis

The rain keeps on falling up here in north-western Alberta, filling up the prairie sloughs for thirsty cows and free-range antelopes to drink. An unusual summer indeed for this part of Canada
1000 Islands
Indrani Bhattacharyya

The lovely sun had brought back the laughter of the sky in Montreal. Time to explore the Islands
The perfumes of Madras
Marianne de Nazareth

We took the Brindavan Express which left Bangalore at 2:30 in the afternoon
The Abominable Sumatran
John M. Edwards

Two hominids on holiday, we had arrived in the remote jungles of Sumatra

Titans Out
James Campion

We're out of the oughts and into the money game now. Moahmmar Gadhafi and his kind no longer rate.

James Campion

The stock market is crashing! My house is worthless! The Middle East is a tinderbox! Whose fault is this?

Dean Borok
Now that I’m older and miser, I’m not as indulgent as I used to be toward my contemporaries.

ETA, the Pope and Spain
James Skinner

August has been a rather hectic month with all kinds of horrors occurring in the world. Libya and Syria have contributed with the never-ending saga of citizens’ revolts that nobody really knows how it’s all going to end

Superstitions, Myths, Folklore and Gold
Mike Levy

From the beginning of time gold has been embroiled in myths, superstition, folklore and fairy tales about gods, goddesses, wizards and heroes.
Wendell R. Mangibin
I never made it to San Diego. It was somewhere two hundred miles northwest of New York City where the old Subaru broke down, in a place called Endicott.

Adventure Racing returns to Koh Samui - Jules Kay
Adventure Racing has been growing in popularity worldwide over the last few years. A dynamic team sport that also draws large crowds of spectators, this multi-disciplinary contest pushes competitors to their limits.
'Big Macs' in Tokyo
Benjamin Lawson
Can culture permeate established global corporate identity? (Or - is McDonalds always a McDonalds?)

How to walk up a hill in Ireland
Marcel Krueger
I’m panting. My heart is racing, and feels like it will burst my chest any second. “Come on! It’s only 150 metres or so to the summit!” I motivate myself
A Two Year Old's First Words
Gordon Ray Bourgon

Children eighteen to twenty four months old are supposed to have a vocabulary of around two hundred words. Two hundred.
Dancing in Amman
Marwan Asmar

Music sent shockwaves, the songs kept coming, people dancing on the floor, hands in the air, shoes thumping to the beat. An engagement party has begun.
How to Become Unemployed in 10 Easy Steps - Claire Hopple
1. First, you should graduate from college with a major like Western European Architecture, or Postcolonial Literature, or Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies in Humanity
Besancon: Victor Hugo
Saleem Ayoub Quna

The surprising pleasantness of Hugo's birthplace was a delight
REVIEWS Film & Teen Fiction

James L Carey

I am standing in the center of my apartment surrounded by a Stonehenge of brown cardboard boxes. I have been living in the boxes for a while now. Months, really. It wasn’t that I had plans to move, I was just ready. And so I began to pack the boxes.

Sacramento Winter  

Martin Green

On the way back to my office from the so-called oral exam, which I knew I’d flunked brilliantly, I stopped at the State Building Number 8 cafeteria for a cup of coffee.   It was, I thought, the least I could do for myself
Abigail George

We bleed the same in each line as if we have only felt love now for the first time. Summer is here no more. Once my father had a girl called June. He watched her turn to stone

Here Comes Goodbye
Jaime Muckinhaupt
It was the afternoon, and my 15-year-old yellow lab was lying at my side, her head resting on my thigh with my hand stroking her head gently.

Travis Claeys

When Pat Drewer saw old Roger Turner come out from behind the long polished bar, walk past the pool tables in the northeastern corner and disappear into his office, he drained the final sip from his glass of grapefruit juice and got up.
Chris Castle

today was different... It was as if Laurie wanted to speak and he wanted to listen but something was holding it all back
Franks's Funnel
Jay Marvin

The old pickup rattled and squeaked. The tail gate rattled like a prison sentence. Frank tossed a crumpled beer can through the driver's window. His mind was like a flap jack flipped over and over inside his head.
The Fawn
Oswaldo Jimenez

The best thing during summer for Danny O’brian was to drive with his mother to visit his cousins and play cowboys and indians in their farm.
The House
Claire Hopple

“I know, okay? I know,” I reply to the box, rubbing my blotchy eyes. I slump down on the hardwood and tap my sneaker against it to the beat of “Another One Bites the Dust.” 

The Fixer by Steve Bunce
Daniel Cann
After reading ‘The Fixer’ we may, in Bunce, have finally found a writer who can do the sport justice.

The Identity Factor
By James Houston Turner
Daniel Cann
This thriller comes from an author with a past as colourful as the characters and events he creates.
Ford County Stories
By John Grisham
Daniel Cann
What John Grisham attempts with ‘Ford County Stories’ is to take the reader into the world of the rural small town of Clanton, Mississippi in America’s Deep South.
Blood Red Road
Blood Red Road
by Moira Young
Sam Hawksmoor
There is something quite calculating about Blood Red Road and the story of Saba from the Dustlands.
Carte Blanche
By Jeffery Deaver

Daniel Cann
The problem facing every author tackling James Bond is they will always be compared to creator Ian Fleming’s version.
Monsters of Men
by Patrick Ness

Walker Books Paperback
Sam North review
The third part of Chaos Walking is sheer brilliance - a battle against the Spackle for 600 blood soaked pages. Gripping and relentless, Todd and Viola go through hell and beyond, each day could be their last.

The Fantastical Ascent Of Jason Sanford - Dan Schneider

While I think Sanford is a high quality writer, even more so than his quality being of the essence and cogence here, this essay will descry why Sanford is an Important writer
Captain America:
The First Avenger
Daniel Cann
The final big summer superhero film has hit our screens and it looks as if they have saved the best till last.
Super 8  
Director/Writer J.J. Abrams

Must have been the perfect pitch session. ‘Stand by Me with Aliens’. There, you have it.  Sign the cheque, make the movie, form an orderly queue. Better yet, it works!
The Droughtlanders
by Carrie Mac

Sam Hawksmoor review
The Droughtlanders gets to grips with climate change, revolutionary politics, regime change, circuses, cowardice and the terrible price of jealousy and revenge.
A Crystal Horseman
Bad Tuesdays Book. 5
by Benjamin J. Myers

Published 04/08/2011
Saving the best for last. Ben Myers has delivered an action packed page-turner that makes compelling reading.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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