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Mean Tide
Mean Tide by Sam North
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'Extraordinary novel about
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'An engaging, unusual
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Beverly Birch author of 'Rift'

The Curse of the Nibelung -
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'Chocolate will never be the
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The International Writer's Magazine: Our 12th Year - July 2011
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The World's Most Underrated Destinations
Tom Coote in Uzbekistan & more

How popular a country is as a travel destination, has as much to do with image as it has to do with how interesting a place is to visit or how accessible or affordable it is.
Panama Security
Ginny Guess

Is it me?  Do I look like Alice in Wonderland, or are things really crazy and upside down sometimes?  We do quite a bit of travel abroad, usually involving, of course, flying.
AirAsia: Spinning a World Wide Web
Tina Hsiao & Jules Kay

AirAsia stole the headlines at the biennial Paris Air Show held in June, inking the largest ever order of Airbus A320 aircraft, a deal worth US$ 18.2 billion.
Bach country in Leipzig, Germany
Marianne de Nazareth

I was in Leipzig for the Internationsal Transport Forum 2011 (ITF) which was held in Leipzig early June. Spring in Germany is definitely the best time to enjoy a trip to Germany. The trees are bright with fresh new foliage and the scent of flowers is everywhere
Death, Debauchery and Desert: Africa’s Wild South-West
Christopher Clark

Until a couple of months ago I knew next to nothing about Namibia. I have since discovered that the same is true for most people outside of Germany (Namibia’s former colonial ruler) and those countries that share its borders.
Tales Of the Cocktail
Tabytha Towe in New Orleans

It was an extremely last minute decision for me to just jump on board to this elaborate convention, and not just any bartenders affair, but the head honcho of bartenders, mixologist and aficionados affair
Istria in Croatia on wheels
Paul-Christian Markovski

We entered Croatia from the most northwestern border, where Italy, Slovenia and Croatia meet on the coastline by Trieste.

Rupert Murdoch - A Tribute
James Campion

Keith Rupert Murdoch, champion of the fourth estate, whose international media empire and its unhinged influence on law, politics, power and celebrity is this generation's William Randolph Hearst -- a true media giant; no shame, no principle, no soul.
Late Arab Spring, any cause for celebration?

Saleem Ayoub Quna

Before the first unarmed popular uprising in January 2010 in Tunisia hit the news and took everyone by surprise, the Arab world seemingly was going through the last hours of one of its longest political hibernation periods in modern history.

Open For Fun
James Skinner on Spain

Spain kicks off the summer with a big unwritten sign at all corners of the land that says: ‘Welcome to the land of make believe where the sun always shines, ... and the government is shut down for the time being!’
Travis Claeys
It’s funny how some things can be so difficult to understand just because of our habits of logic.

Bring It On
James Campion
Republican Principle or Economic Catastrophe?
Let's get this straight; the debt ceiling will be increased by August 2, 2011. The United States of America will not go into default.

From London with Love
Hayley Quinn
We’re a community of nymphomaniac nomads that travel the world teaching the art of seduction.

Anatomy 101
Dean Borok

We may be witnessing another defining moment in North Atlantic relations similar to Charles de Gaulles’ historical antagonism toward the U.S. that endured for 60 years.
Is Materialism here to stay?
Alexander Clackson

It seems the humanity is enthralled by materialistic objects. Rousseau and Nietzsche were right when they warned us that humanity will fall into a materialistic hole where acquiring possessions has become our main purpose in life
Training Rivers StateTeachers
Odimegwu Onwumere
Education is very important in any child’s life. UNICEF being in the forefront in seeing that the Universal Basic Education programme
is enforced, is highly commendable.
Beirut in the Baltics
The Wild Wild East Europe
John M Edwards

After the collapse of communism in the USSR, inflation in the freshly minted Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia rolled up the ruble into the cheapest toilet paper around, so I decided to go East and stock up
South America’s Undiscovered Gem- Pablo Delgado
Colombia is a victim of image.  To many it may be painted in the surrealistic brush strokes of a Gabriel Marquez novel or in the inflated features a Botero sculpture; it may be the turf of drug barons or the battleground of guerilla groups
One Vote Away
James Campion

It is one vote away in its state senate to ratify a basic civil right; the right for a particular group of adult taxpaying citizens to marry.  
REVIEWS Film & Books
The Shroud Of Darkness
Stephen Shimmans

Baldr stirred, the dull moan echoed quietly in a damp dark stony prison. He stumbled to his feet disorientated, a prominent headache pounding in the back of his skull, trying to smash through coming on in a steady tempo
Forever Wild
Nickolay Todorov 

As green as he was in the use of firearms, Joe Begley had assumed he would complete the job in a single try. Instead the horse kicked pitifully and sprayed blood over his loafers but refused to die.
Thanks I'm All Right
Vanessa Telaro

The dusky road gave way to a soulless night. He shouldn`t have knocked down the damn whiskeys and co, but couldn’t stop himself. Perhaps Charlie had wanted a challenge. Prove that he could make it home in his pick-up without ending up in a ditch with severed bones.
The Costume
Francine Garson  

Annie’s mother wanted her to be a clown.  She told Annie that she had red curly hair just like Bozo, the most famous clown of all, but she could still wear the red cotton candy wig if she wanted
Chris Castle

My pa came home on the last day of summer, without fanfare, without so much as a banner ganging over our house. It made sense, I guess, seeing how he left without so much as a word; fair and level almost.
ship breaker
Ship Breaker

Paulo Bacigalupi

Sam Hawksmoor
Nailer is tough, like his name, wiry and small, which is lucky, it means Nailer gets to work on the lite crew that’s stripping the innards of a beached oil tanker on Bright Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a brilliant prescient YA novel
Super 8            
Director/Writer J.J. Abrams
Producer: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths

Must have been the perfect pitch session.
‘Stand by Me with Aliens’. There, you have it.  Sign the cheque, make the movie, form an orderly queue.
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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