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The International Writers Magazine: DVD

Babel (2006)
Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrito
Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchette and many more
Tabz Parkes

A simple gunshot takes us on a journey from Morocco to America through to Mexico and into Japan. It reveals a complex and tragic story from each destination. It provides a powerful looking glass into the lives of others, showing how we don’t differ as much as we all believe.
We are taught through searing tragedy and incidents triggered by human stupidity to open our eyes, forget modern civilisation and start listening to each other. We see through towering communication barriers, global politics and cultural divides how the world can terrorise us when we least expect it.

The characters are deep and insightful, each has a problem to deal with and the naturalistic way their issues play out turns this film into poetry. This film is not about being tough and surviving it is about the choices we make at times we feel we have none. It is concerned with cultural assumptions that obscure reality and how our perceived differences keep us from connecting to each other.

Although there is a lot to keep track of in this film there is a fluent and seamless inter-cutting of the different segments that made me find it impossible not to be entranced into the entirety of the film.

This film used subtle storylines but with the use of soulful sound, mesmerising settings and perfected editing it was turned into a piece of art. It was like a global version of Crash but with deeper emotion stretched across the world.
© Tabz Parkes November 2007>

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