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The International Writers Magazine:Thailand
*The FCO currently warn against all but essential travel to Thailand

Thailand Package Holidays: The Best Areas to Stay In
• Alice Jerusa
Sure, there are plenty of great places you can drive to, but a trip to Thailand is competitively priced and accessible for all! If you’re looking for a holiday like you’ve never had before, then you should definitely consider Thailand.

chiang mai

The country is packed full of culture, amazing people and some fantastic hotels with great food and hospitality. There are package holidays galore available through near enough every travel agent you’ll find, offering a stay in a number of areas across the country. Here are some of the best places that tourists like to visit.

Bangkok B

Bangkok is easily the best-known city in Thailand. The city is a great place to visit whether you’re with family or friends, and is home to a number of hotels and resorts that offer competitive package holidays. Districts within Bangkok include:
· Siam Square
· Sukhumvit
· Silom
· Khao San Road
· Rattanakosin
There are also plenty of attractions available that are great for kids and adults. The city is packed full of amazing restaurants that serve up traditional local foods, as well as continental meals. One of the many famous tourist attractions here is Khao San Road. This is a small road that, over the last two decades, has become one of the best places for backpackers and travellers to spend time relaxing. There are plenty of cheap hostels and hotels here too, but the food stalls and restaurants, along with the bustling atmosphere, make it a popular place to visit.

The Bangkok Klongs are also popular. This area is particularly famous for the canal that has been used for transportation here for centuries. The use of the canal is so regular that the area is now known as the Venice of the East by locals and tourists. Locals use boats to travel and tourist trips are also available from local boaters and companies.

Chiang Mai
Chaing Mai is another popular tourist area in Thailand. In fact, it’s quickly becoming the most popular place to visit with its beautiful natural scenery, mountainous terrain and its many forests. The city is packed full of culture and history, and these days it is considered a more attractive place to visit than even Bangkok.
There are lots of places that tourists should visit in Chiang Mai, including:
· Wat Chiang Man
· Wat Chedi Luang
· Wat Phra Singh
· National Park
· Chiang Mai Zoo
· Chiang Mai Aquarium
· Chiang Mai Night Safari
These places are great examples of the rich diversity of offerings that the city has for tourists and locals, and how amazing the culture is there. The Wat Phra Sing is a temple that has the oldest and most important Buddha statue in the world, and it is frequented by the religious and those interested in history throughout the year.

Surrounding the area are plenty of traditional buildings too, making the area a great place to architecture and history fans to see? The temple is also located near to the Viharn Lai Kham, which is a traditional viharm.

Be sure to also visit the Dokmai Garden, Wat Jed Yod and Tweechol Botanical Gardens if you are to enjoy a package holiday in Chiang Mai.

It would be great if you can hire a car for exploring the Thailand, you can call the DVLA phone number for inquiries to get your licence renewed from wherever you are. Call the number and get your licence sorted. Then you can enjoy your holiday in Thailand in peace.

Author Bio:
Alice, a travel blogger and a writer from London who loves to travel and share my experiences with people around the world. Travelling is my ultimate passion. As of now she is focusing on DVLA phone number which provides information regarding driver and vehicle licences.

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